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  1. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Magma Caverns Zone

    Alright, I put alot of effort into this level and im probably gonna make a second and third act. Probably. Here's some gifs ! MCZ First Path MCZ Second Path
  2. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    I feel the need to show you this.

    So I was browsin through the old mods and then when I saw one of the pics, I saw this:
  3. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Is most of the people banned from the MB sexualizing minors ?

    So one day (this day) I thought, why was the people banend from here ? Saph was banned from the MB for Pedophilia and someone for the same thing. Then I thought, why was SSG3 banned ? I saw on his RTD Kart post that he was banned for sexualizing minors. So then I thought: Is most of the people...
  4. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Starlight's Starter Maps - Green Valley

    So anyways I told myself, "Use Greenflower & Greenflower related textures and flats and all the knowledge I know to make a good map". Then I made this. The video. Can't upload a gif here because for whatever reason. Anyways, this is my first level and I'm pretty proud of it. If you've watched...
  5. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Favorite FNF Song ?

    Mine is No Villains, its an absolute B A N G E R.
  6. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Inazuma Server Stages ?

    So one day I was on YT then I came across this video. This vid contained 2 mods, Inazuma's Rocket Metal, and Inazuma Stages. Now, I already know about Rocket Metal, but whats up with Inazuma stages ? Just now heard about it.
  7. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Anyone hype about the new Modern Sonic Update ?

    So i've saw the new update on Modern Sonic and I gotta say, WOOOOO baby that update is lookin awesome ! Took them awhile but it was worth the wait ! Those sprites are lookin slick as ever, new css art, WOW ! Everything about this update is just outstanding ! I can't wait ! Even tho I can... but...
  8. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    I need some lua help.

    So I was making some more abilities for Sonic and I decided to make some abilities for the sonic&tails skin. So basically, if sonic was super, he'd give tails the fake super from match. But I was wondering, how could I give the bot powers through sonic ? Would it be the same way as doing it like...
  9. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Archie's unFunny Colors

    Zxyrollix_Gaming submitted a new resource: Archie's unFunny Colors - They aren't funni, they're stupid. Read more about this resource...
  10. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Where can I find more videos on SMS Events ?

    So i was on this channel, and i saw that there were a few videos on SMS Events. I wanted to see if there were more but when I searched it up, there were just 2 videos. One, A return, and two, A trailer. I've been searching, waybacking, and more, and still, no luck. If you have any info on where...
  11. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Archie's funni Skincolors

    Also, *IM* Archie. imma change mah name to it soon. OKE Y as my first mod on the MB its gonna be skincolors. A pack of 7 skincolors to be exact. Also, I made this at school so since SRB2 isn't on there, I'll need to be home in order to send pics. So while I wait to go home, i'll make some more...
  12. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Does anyone know about BattleCharTweaks ?

    One day I was on DarkSonicYT's channel, and on that one race, he had BattleCharTweaks on there. I've never really seen this mod anywhere else but there. Heres the race link btw: the race link From what I know, I guess its a mod that changes the vanilla chars skin to look more battle-ready. I...
  13. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    this cool thing i made

    I made this cool banner during school hope u like it.
  14. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    I found out somethin cool in SRBX

    Sooo.... you know how when you get to the perfect circular section, it'll sigsegv you ? Well i've found out a way to get past it. You wanna get past it ? Follow these steps ! Step 1) Open the console by pressing "~" Step 2) type in the console "teleport -6000 800 7071" Also, don't go into...
  15. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Favorite Sonic Adventure level ?

    Mines is Speed Highway and Ice cap.
  16. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Super Abilities - My first LUA project !

    So during my free time I made this script that allows you to do a armaggeddon blast by pressing custom 1. addHook("AbilitySpecial", function() for player in players.iterate do if ~= "sonic" and player.powers [pw_super] and (player.cmd.buttons &...
  17. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    If you had to choose, what is your favorite boss(es) ?

    My fav bosses would have to be Anastasia and the Silver bossfight from Boss Mayhem
  18. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    What are cheats supposed to do in servers ?

    I've never really understanded what this command does, what does it do ?
  19. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    What is your favorite SRB2 soundtrack, and why ?

    My fav OST has to be the entire Native MIDI OST. Mainly becuz of the SRB2 web beta. Ever since the web beta shut down I felt sad :(. Then years later I found the music then I fell in love with it. Cuz' memories.