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  1. snoc the head

    What do you hate most about the game?

    the netcode is older then sonic adventure
  2. snoc the head

    Custom Weather?

    is it possible to make custom weather using socs n stuff, something like ash flying around
  3. snoc the head

    So when SRB2 will Be on Steam

    i was just trying a while ago, works pretty well if you use the right mousepad to move the camera
  4. snoc the head

    Sonic 3 Sonic (tough sonic?)

    oh damn i wonder who that is
  5. snoc the head

    Invalid Removed Post

    if this is one of your "no brain" moments then i'd like to see your regular brain moments
  6. snoc the head

    What is the worst sonic you played? list 3 worst sonic game and 3 good sonic game *respect people opinion*

    so then there will be two sonic forces on the list i still dislike unleashed
  7. snoc the head

    favorite sonic ability?

    magic hands
  8. snoc the head

    I have a character called XSonic that i want to realease but its bad and it lacks any sort of lua

    the mods usually only accept mods that have either custom abilities, or custom sprites.. and you have two custom sprites
  9. snoc the head

    most irritating moment in srb2?

    netcode do i need to say more?
  10. snoc the head

    What would be your take on sonic?

    Personally I would like something extremely fast, but no boost gameplay. Something like using tricks to build speed, i.e Sonic GT. Also bullet hell bosses. That would be fun.
  11. snoc the head

    Favorite 2D Fan game?

    sonic ats is so good for no reason
  12. snoc the head

    What happens when you load a normal SRB2 map in SRB2 Kart or vice versa?

    I'm pretty sure Kart was made in 2.1, so whatever happens when you load 2.1 maps in 2.2, happens with Kart.
  13. snoc the head

    What's your favourite sonic game OST?

    Do fangames count? If so, mine is Sonic ATS
  14. snoc the head

    What is your favourite sonic adventure level?

    final egg by a landslide
  15. snoc the head

    What's your fav sonic tv show pick 3!

    in order, it's satam sonic x and boom
  16. snoc the head

    Worst Pre-Metropolis Sonic 2 Zone?

    i dont see why people hate aquatic ruin? it's my favorite zone
  17. snoc the head

    How Sonic Robo Blast 2 is the BEST FAN GAME EVER OF SONIC

    personally i like gt more, but i see how people like this game too
  18. snoc the head


    read this specifically here
  19. snoc the head

    Worst Pre-Metropolis Sonic 2 Zone?

    I want to stomp out whoever designed Oil Ocean