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  1. clairebun

    AI Works

    (View gifs here if any of the embeds aren't working) Currently working on an all-encompassing AI system which allows bots to perform tasks in different gametypes. Lots of work to be done still. The AI is currently programmed to seek out targets such as rings and enemies. Basic tracking...
  2. clairebun

    [Reusable] C to Lua: AI Resources

    CobaltBW submitted a new resource: C to Lua: AI Resources - Emulates SRB2 2.2.10's unmodified AI programming for reference and editing. Read more about this resource...
  3. clairebun


    CobaltBW submitted a new resource: MapPaths - Multipurpose pathing and waypoint infrastructure. Read more about this resource...
  4. clairebun

    HUD Objects system

    CobaltBW submitted a new resource: HUD Objects system - A lua framework for creating dynamic HUD elements Read more about this resource...
  5. clairebun

    [Reusable] AddBot

    CobaltBW submitted a new resource: AddBot - A server tool for adding and maintaining bots, for both offline and online multiplayer use Read more about this resource...
  6. clairebun

    Chaos Mode

    CobaltBW submitted a new resource: Chaos Mode - Quickly destroy Eggman's machines in this co-operative onslaught!
  7. clairebun

    Lua Thok Scripting Example

    This script is for educational purposes, and demonstrates how to recreate Sonic's thok completely through lua scripting. Included are two versions: one with comments and print messages to explain the process, and one with just the necessary code. The goal of this script is to provide a...
  8. clairebun

    [Reusable] Intangible Camera

    Replaces the default camera with one that is intangible to all terrain. The camera will orbit farther above the player when looking down, and will move closer to the player when looking up. The intangible camera is disabled by default and must be enabled with the nosolidcam command. The camera...
  9. clairebun

    Egg Robo Tag

    Egg Robo Tag transforms tagged players into egg robos that can fire charged lasers and lay traps to catch unsuspecting players. Originally debuting as a BattleMod gametype, it's been repackaged standalone and updated with improved movement physics and laser mechanics for a more refined...
  10. clairebun


    ARENA Mountainous Saloon Hidden Chamber Pipeline Panic Gravity Station Grassy Clearing Symmetri-Canyon Arena Station BATTLE Peach Castle Glimmer Gulch SSN's Picnic BATTLE CTF Serene Shore Moonlight Big Arch Jagged Creek
  11. clairebun

    Backwards compatibility functions, and harm reduction toward legacy content creators

    Some quick background: It's no secret that old content tends to become unplayable on the next major release that comes around, and I have some interest in seeing old levels made playable in the current engine, if only to make it easier to appreciate the past works of previous level artists in...
  12. clairebun

    [Reusable] 1.09.4 Weapon System

    This is a direct port of LJ Sonic's final demo-based weapon system from 2.1. Minimal changes have been made outside of fixing compatibility issues with 2.2. The final demo maps associated with the original release have also been ported and can be found here. Weapon pickups have been stylized...
  13. clairebun

    1.09.4 Multiplayer Pack

    This is a port of the original multiplayer levels included with SRB2 v1.09.4. These have been carried over from LJ Sonic's 1.09.4 Ringslinger pack for 2.1, and the levels have all been updated for full compatibility with 2.2. CTF and Match maps use MAPEx and MAPLx, respectively, so as not to...
  14. clairebun

    [Reusable] HitStats - Dedicated server character damage statistics

    This is a dedicated server script which records damage dealt between characters and saves the output in the form of a text file: luafiles/hitstats.txt Supports any gametype (including custom modes) in which the hazardlog is enabled Hits are recorded as 1 point, and kills as 2 points. All...
  15. clairebun

    [Reusable] Fang Popgun Modifications

    This script is a standalone repackaging of the popgun tweaks present in BattleMod (V8.4). Changes include: Fang can target enemy players in competitive gametypes Fang can fire popgun while running at any speed or on steep inclines Fang can fire popgun whilst in the air (Cannot use shield...
  16. clairebun

    Fixed Unable to progress in Snake minigame

    No score item appeared on the snake minigame, forcing a loss. Likely caused by hazard item spawning on top of the score item.
  17. clairebun

    [Reusable] Sonic Drop Dash and Double Jump

    This script removes Sonic's speed thok, instead allowing him to perform both a double jump and a drop dash. Press jump in the air to double jump. Press jump once more to perform a shield ability (if you have one) Hold spin in the air to perform an instant spindash on landing. Sonic can use...
  18. clairebun

    [Reusable] Swapped Amy Aerials / Spring Frames allow hammer

    This script contains three changes to Amy (or any character that uses CA_TWINSPIN and CA2_MELEE simultaneously): Amy's spring/fall frames always convert to "jump" frames, allowing her to hammer after using a spring The SPIN key always makes Amy use her hammer, even in the air The JUMP key...
  19. clairebun

    Display Object Hitboxes

    This script displays the present hitboxes (represented by strings of sphere objects) for most interactive game objects. This is a developer tool intended to aid with testing object collisions. Console commands: hitbox_density - The thickness of the displayed hitbox. 0 disables the visual...
  20. clairebun

    Invalid SIGSEGV - "Process killed by signal" at character select screen

    Was waiting around the character select screen when the game randomly decided to crap out.