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  1. Toxicoow

    Toxicoow's character pack

    Toxicoow submitted a new resource: Toxicoow's character pack-V1 - Contain Moomin and Cacodemon Read more about this resource...
  2. Toxicoow

    [Level Pack] RoosterPack V1.1

    Hey hey, first time making maps for SRB2Kart. Prototype 64 A short track inspired by the leaked prototype of Mario Kart 64 (visually). Alpine Track I actually made a map on TrackMania Original to then reproduce it on SRB2Kart, got a bit lazy on some egde, but i really like the result !
  3. Toxicoow

    [Character] Cacodemon, the famous tomato demon

    The classic Doom enemy that need no introduction. Redrawn from scratch, Stats are the opposite of Doomguy (4 Speed, 2 Weight) Yes, the Cacodemon is THAT big, was surprised myself when i had the size comparison with the original Doomguy sprite. Also, can be colored to be a Pain...
  4. Toxicoow

    [Reusable] Chick aaaand Stew

    "THESE CHICKENS CAN DRIVE!" Cause i really love that duo of chicken announcers from Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled (and also CTR:NF is my favorite game.) Chick Gizzard Lips: Speed 6 ,Weight 6 Stew: Speed 3 ,Weight 6 Edit: Added some echo to the gloat lines