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  1. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    Early Super Sonic idea

    I have thought about making a mod with full sprites of the super sonic from srb2 Xmas based on the unscaled drawings from SSNTails. Right now I have the RUN sprites and the Nights sprites complete. My problem would be that I could add to the character so that it is not a super sonic reskin:/
  2. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    Sonic 3 HUD

    STF submitted a new resource: Sonic 3 HUD - Sonic3 Read more about this resource...
  3. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    My RVZ act 2-act 3

    Maybe the level is a little short and the boss is a little poorly done but it's the most playable thing I could do
  4. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    [Reusable] My SKINCOLORS

    This is my firsts SKINCOLORS The colors is: Gum,Tourtle and Ice
  5. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    [Reusable] serious? other HUD?

    I made another HUD but this time update some graphics to my "style" I hope it will serve something (the first wad has the HUD and the second wad has the graphics changed and updated.) Update! The color and the numbers now is different!
  6. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    [Reusable] Roly Poly Putt HUD

    good. try to make the letters look like roly poly putt and also the numbers, I hope you like it
  7. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    the game is crashed when the character is in stnda1

    I am doing a Steven universe mod and every time I get super and I am in the sprite stnda1 it is cracked without any explanation. that's why i need help.