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  1. Xenon The Hedgehog

    Nathaniel Bandy Got Hacked. Again

    Guys! Nathaniel Bandy got hacked again.
  2. Xenon The Hedgehog

    Post your Nathaniel Bandy Memes Here

    Here is the vid about it If you remember that nathaniel bandy got hacked by a russian scammer and terminated. If yes post your memes here. (not some memes just nathaniel bandy got hacked memes) if no. Watch this video
  3. Xenon The Hedgehog

    OLDC 2021: Round 2 Votes

    1. Pineapple Prairie Zone by SupaCustardbro 2. Lucid Landscape Zone by Othius 3. Command Facility Zone by Twins'R'Okay 4. Blue Glacier Zone by BronsoKip 5. Magma Caves Zone by Radicalicious 6. Lofty Woods Zone by Vixuzen 7. Junkyard Jeopardy Zone by PhilJFou/ChaRG 8. Iron Dominion Zone by MK.exe...