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  1. Spektra

    Weird CEZ1 Glitch...

    This weird bug happens in CEZ1 at the bridge colapse section. I fell off, and landed on some invisible floor just above the kill plane. No idea what causes this, and I've tried to replicate it dozens of times. I only managed to replicate it once out of all of the times that I tried.
  2. Spektra

    I RETURN! (Pls don't kill me.)

    Hallo! I spent a REALLY long time being dead and not posting things, but now, I hope to be more active! I'll try my best to be active in the threads that I find interesting! See ya on the flipside! :D
  3. Spektra

    Castle Eggman Zone Mud See-through Bug

    In Castle Eggman Zone 1, if you put the camera in the mud, you can see through the level, and have this sort of... X-Ray?
  4. Spektra

    Favorite stage in Sonic History?

    I personally like Metal Harbor From Sonic Adventure 2. Do you have a favorite stage? Any game counts! If You're reading this, It's been a while, hasn't it.
  5. Spektra

    Rate Every MAJOR SRB2 Update

    I wanted to share my opinions on every major version of SRB2. Like how good was the update for it's time? If you feel like sharing, rate the following versions, -/10, and why, please. Versions to rate: TGF, Halloween, Christmas (Any version), Demo 1, 2, and 3, Demo 4.0, Final Demo (Any...
  6. Spektra

    What is your favorite animal?

    I'll start. I like birds. ARI SCREECHES INTENSIFY but no really, birds are my jam.
  7. Spektra

    How did you find out about SRB2?

    I was browsing the Sonic Retro Fan Games page, and I saw "Sonic Robo Blast 2", and I thought: "Why not...?". So I downloaded it on the day 2.2 came out. And I LOVE it so far. (The real first time I heard that I played SRB2, was apparently back in 2009, 'cause I found a disc with a folder on it...
  8. Spektra

    SRB2 Challenges?

    Yes, i know, there are the typical challenges, like Not collecting rings, one life, killing all the robots, and the boss rush. But I want something to do, because I have completed my save, 100%, and i'm starting to get bored. any Suggestions?
  9. Spektra

    Can't Get the Record website to work, so i'll post my records here as gifs.

    I did this wrong. please close thread.
  10. Spektra

    2020 Predictions...

    I just wanted to know what some of you think's gonna happen to SRB2 in 2020. I'll go first: the SRB2 2.2 series will continue, obviously... Modding for this game will OBVIOUSLY continue. I also want to know what you think will happen to SEGA in 2020... -Plazzma.