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  1. Century is a Fox

    A random thing in SRB2

    i feel stupid staying there when metal sonic is like, haha i win easy.
  2. Century is a Fox

    Srb2 Android Error

    Helll, well uh, i have a problem a few days i install srb2 in android and well i doesnt like too much the gameplay and yeah that doesnt matter, the problem happens today when i try to put addons in the game and happend.. this i mean what happend here, and i can do something to fix this?, i...
  3. Century is a Fox

    Invalid Tails is trapped in the Goop of Techno Hill zone act 2 for some strange reason

    Well Tails is just trap in the Goop zone for some reason or something more idk, im just Playing normally Srb2, even if I use mods but it was only Bandages and Buddyex, then none of those mods could make a character sink in that area like Vanilla Tails swimming for no apparent reason so, well...