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  1. little guy*

    Kiryu Kazuma

    Dang it I so wanted to make this joke but School got me
  2. little guy*

    Model Test and Entity Showcase Map

    Do you happen to have a list of the entities not included in the map?
  3. little guy*

    Surge the Tenrec!

    Oh hey it's real, time to do a session
  4. little guy*

    Adventure Sonic (v1.5)

    I'm a bit late to the party huh? This guy's jam packed with Effects, Unique Movement, nice sprites and more. The fact that there's an option to change the style to 3 different options just helps reinforce the fact that this mod oozes with love and care.
  5. little guy*

    Sonikku? (Earless SRB2 Sonic)

    Huh, never expected this to get on the MB, let alone ported at all Do we even know who made this thing? I mean, the earliest version I know of this guy is all the way back from 1.09.4, and then I found weird ports of this guy in 2.1 via playing Online. Having "SSNTails: (probably)" is a little...
  6. little guy*

    Crystal Sonic

    Crystal Sonic is a great workaround of what once was a mostly reused/sprite edited addon. Looks great, and still fun to play!
  7. little guy*

    SRB2 Uncapped PLUS

    I got a new monitor recently and it's 1440p so when I tried playing SRB2 after a long while the scaling was super screwy so native 1440p is great! The mod's fine in software, but on the other hand seems like OpenGL has other ideas
  8. little guy*

    How did you find srb2

    I'll admit, I found it through the weird YouTube videos showing off old wads I think it was around the 2.0 era when I was lurking around, but I finally decided to check it out during 2.1 since I finally got a Windows PC for myself, ended up going online and now I'm kinda just screwing around...
  9. little guy*

    Robotniik (from the early srbii intro)

    In detail: He felt like he didn't put enough work and effort into the mod, and was also tired of his thread being hijacked. Apparently the whole "PineTree/Tree Sonic" thing was really annoying for him to constantly hear I don't think he wanted to keep dealing with the comments, and felt like...
  10. little guy*

    [Reusable] NoChuckles (K.T.E. from SRB2ME!)

    little guy* updated NoChuckles (K.T.E. from SRB2ME!) with a new update entry: 2.2.9 Bug Fix Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. little guy*

    [Reusable] NoChuckles (K.T.E. from SRB2ME!) - 2.2.9 Bug Fix

    Simple little fix so he can bust down walls again
  12. little guy*

    [Reusable] NoChuckles (K.T.E. from SRB2ME!)

    Soon, I didn't realize it broke until today Although for future reference don't expect all mod creators to immediately fix their mod, I'm lucky mine isn't so complex 1621194431 Well... that was an easy fix
  13. little guy*

    [Reusable] Overhauled Legacy Trio (+ Legacy Sonic) & Knuckles

    Late, but the reason why both my mod (NoChuckles) and the edit seen here (ChrispyMarraige) don't work is due to 2.2.9. Give us some time to fix it, I didn't really realize it broke. And also the miscolored shoes is IN 2.0 so I don't see a need to change. PS I think the reason why Chrispy...
  14. little guy*

    Tangle the Lemur

    Ah I love it when I have to be asleep when a good mod drops Give it a minute, but the controls and physics are really great! A generally good character that isn't too much! Good job
  15. little guy*

    Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop

    April Fools my a-
  16. little guy*

    Honey The Cat

    Surprisingly fun! The only gripe I have is that everything is on C1. An option to spread them out to C2 and C3 would be nice.
  17. little guy*

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    "Ah, Yeah! This could be fun!"
  18. little guy*

    HorizonChars [ v1.0 ] - Milne on Ice: The Musical

    Aw hell nah, Spongeblast 2?????
  19. little guy*

    Maimy, the Rosy Robot

    Saw a lot on Discord, from what I can tell this should be quite the fun character!
  20. little guy*

    Pierre the Peacock

    Looks really neat, my only complaint is that it seems like it was originally traced off of Sonic as the poses are nearly the exact same. Just a bit of variation in the poses is all I ask for