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  1. Zipper


    It's Saber. From Fate. In a Kart. Unfortunately none of you are in my FGO friends list, so she can't use her Noble Phantasm. Oh well, it happens sometimes.
  2. Zipper

    [Reusable] Blanc

    Blanc finally decides that she wants to be in an actually good game, and joins Kart. With less swearing, hopefully. Stats: Speed : 7 Weight : 3
  3. Zipper

    [Reusable] Minimap

    If you've ever played Doom, or typed "devmode" in the console while playing SRB2, you know there is a way to display the map of the level. This script allows you to skip the middleman and have a permanent minimap at the top right of your screen telling you where you are. Features: -Impassable...
  4. Zipper

    [Reusable] Custom Boss - Anastasia

    What better way to kick off 2.2 than to shove some anime bosses into it? This is Anastasia, from Fate / Grand Order, here to make your life slightly tougher. A few attacks and tricks in her arsenal, you'll need to get good at rapid dodging to stand a chance. I'll try to fix any bugs that pop...
  5. Zipper

    Forest Daybreak

    Hey, you ever wondered what it would be like to play a level that's 99% minecart riding? Yeah, me neither. But here it is anyway! v1.1 : changed map number
  6. Zipper

    Industrial Valley Zone

    If you've been here for longer than 7 years (probably not), you may remember the OLDC where Azure Temple and Act 2 of Frozen Hillside were submitted! Little known fact, I also partook in that OLDC with my first SP map, and got absolutely decimated, as expected. This map is my attempt to remake...
  7. Zipper


    Finally, an alternative to the thok: Replacing SRB2 with a rhythm game. This was a funny side project I started back in March, to get over my fear of drawing stuff on the HUD, then it snowballed into something silly. From adding a menu, to options, to entire idol teams that do nothing more than...
  8. Zipper

    [Reusable] Silvine's Color's

    Welcome to Releases.
  9. Zipper

    [Reusable] Egg Turreteer [v1]

    Welcome to Releases!
  10. Zipper

    [Reusable] Sukapon 2.1

    Welcome to Releases.
  11. Zipper

    [Reusable] Tired of the unchanged Boss Arenas?

    Welcome to Releases!
  12. Zipper

    [Reusable] Tifa Lockhart

    Welcome to Releases!
  13. Zipper

    [Reusable] The Heavy (Version 2 Update!)

    bind x "voicemenu 1 4"
  14. Zipper

    [Reusable] Cacodemon

    The Character Select screen says I can press "Shift" to shoot, which is the default button for Spin, and can be different for everyone. Just saying "Spin" would be better. That being said, CACOPOGGERS
  15. Zipper

    Bean [Fall Guys]

    bully yellow
  16. Zipper

    [Reusable] Sonic1983 LevelPack v1.2

    Welcome to Releases! This is a good start, though I am concerned with the huge amount of rings placed in the levels, seemingly as decoration. That must be a Perfect Runner's nightmare.
  17. Zipper

    [Reusable] Wario

    Look guys look, it's Wario's greatest achievement : Getting in SRB2K.
  18. Zipper

    [Reusable] More and Better Super Forms

    Welcome to Releases!
  19. Zipper

    [Reusable] Mega Mushroom

    Welcome to Releases!
  20. Zipper

    [Reusable] SRB2 Multi [v2]

    My game crashed. 10/10.