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  1. Mystic Akito

    What is your guys opinion on the new message board so far?

    Today is the day the message board is fully released. Before that, we couldn't talk. So now that we can talk, I wanted to ask this question: What is your opinion on the new message board?
  2. Mystic Akito

    [Reusable] Sonic Robo Blast 2 Labyrinth

    Sonic is a fast Hedgehog, which is one of the main reason why SRB2's levels are so big and explorative. But what if we made him slow? Introducing, Sonic Robo Blast 2 Labyrinth, which makes Sonic slow, just like in Sonic Labyrinth! Walking won't get you anywhere (fast), So you have to use your...
  3. Mystic Akito

    [Reusable] SRB2Kart Join/Leave/Kick sounds in SRB2

    (This is a small add-on I created that tested my Freeslotting skills.) This script, as shown in the title, uses Kart's Join,Leave & Kick sound effects in SRB2. Whenever someone joins, it will make a sound. Whenever someone leaves it will also make a sound. This add-on is also customizable...
  4. Mystic Akito

    Using my Windows Folder as Linux folder

    I have dualbooted Windows and Xubuntu for two different uses. One is for general use, and the other is for online classes. During online classes though, I usually get bored, so I play either SRB2 or SRB2Kart. I have installed both on each system. Now, my question is: Is there any way to use my...
  5. Mystic Akito

    OpenGL Crashes

    Hello! I have a problem with OpenGL. Whenever I window out of it, like It doesn't appear on my screen anymore, when I try to go back in, the game just crashes! What do I do to fix this?
  6. Mystic Akito

    [Reusable] MultiAblility for Everyone!!!

    Some people may have thought Holdfly for tails was going to be in Vanilla SRB2, well sadly he didn't get it... Well then I came out of nowhere and Created this. Introducing Multi Ability for Everyone! This script allows you to use everyone's ability more than once, which can lead to some funny...
  7. Mystic Akito

    [Reusable] All Characters super!

    I (and people that helped me) created a script that allows every character to become super! In Vanilla SRB2, only Sonic and Metal Sonic are allowed to become super, but with this script, Everyone can! --Helpers-- LJSonic Tatsuru Golden Laby (This is my second submission, so please pardon how...
  8. Mystic Akito

    Puyo Puyo Embarrisment.

    So I was playing PuyoVs2 with my friend TheAutisticGamer(We almost forgot each other) and I didn't know I was being recorded by TamerKoh. He created a Video about us and another person and him playing puyo puyo. I am just terrible so just watch this video. Admin edit: nope
  9. Mystic Akito

    How do you add Custom music to a map?

    How do you? My friend Is getting mad so he told me to make this.
  10. Mystic Akito

    No saving wad glitch.

    I don't know why this happens but whenever I add a wad like Fsonic, it doesn't save. maybe in 2.2 you can let all character wads save.
  11. Mystic Akito

    3 letter story [MB Edition]

    Original 3 Letter Story Here we go! One day sonic...
  12. Mystic Akito

    If I want to use a PS4 controller for srb2, how do I configure the settings?

    Can anyone help me configure the settings for analog mode for Ps4 srb2?
  13. Mystic Akito

    Trying to flag a server but it isn't working.

    Here is the preview that I had got: - Inappropriate Content in Server Title Server ID 138535 Server Name Elmo's Love To SUCK DICKS Reason for Complaint Inappropriate Content in Server Title Offender's IP Other Comments Elmo's Title for his server is...
  14. Mystic Akito

    How do I make an Exe file WITHOUT Iexpress?

    Can someone help me?
  15. Mystic Akito

    Can someone explain to me how to change my Username?

    Lol. The Question is in the Title.
  16. Mystic Akito

    How to make a Batch File.

    I only did this for the Noobs but. First we start off by doing this: @echo off We do this in order to get that annoying Blinking line out of there. Now we add on by using an exe file. in this case: @echo off srb2win.exe This will make the Batch file run. Now time for addons. If you want to make...
  17. Mystic Akito

    My mouse is not working in srb2. Now I can't play match.

    When I played srb2 one day, I joined Spectrum's Hangout Server. For some reason my mouse wasn't working properly, I couldn't turn around. So I rejoined the server and see if it was a glitch or not. It wasn't. The Mouse problem was also on Software mode. I got so fumed that I couldn't play srb2...