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  1. Zipper

    Battle and Ringslinger

    As you may know, Battle has come a long way since its inception. Presenting a drastically different style of multiplayer compared to vanilla's current Ringslinger, many people believe that Battle captures the spirit of Sonic-styled competition much more successfully. It has made its way to the...
  2. Zipper

    Custom Skin Colors : Starter Guide

    Just to potentially cull the many, MANY "how do I make custom color" questions that I'm sure we'll be receiving, here's a really fast tour on what to do. You can approach this in two ways : Lua or SOC. SOC is faster and doesn't initialize the Lua interface, but Lua is much more flexible, and...
  3. Zipper


    Finally, an alternative to the thok: Replacing SRB2 with a rhythm game. This was a funny side project I started back in March, to get over my fear of drawing stuff on the HUD, then it snowballed into something silly. From adding a menu, to options, to entire idol teams that do nothing more than...
  4. Zipper

    Zipper did what????

    hey Now to hibernate until I get the motivation to finish the level and code bubbling
  5. Zipper

    Industrial Valley Zone

    If you've been here for longer than 7 years (probably not), you may remember the OLDC where Azure Temple and Act 2 of Frozen Hillside were submitted! Little known fact, I also partook in that OLDC with my first SP map, and got absolutely decimated, as expected. This map is my attempt to remake...
  6. Zipper

    [Reusable] Minimap

    If you've ever played Doom, or typed "devmode" in the console while playing SRB2, you know there is a way to display the map of the level. This script allows you to skip the middleman and have a permanent minimap at the top right of your screen telling you where you are. Features: -Impassable...
  7. Zipper

    Forest Daybreak

    Hey, you ever wondered what it would be like to play a level that's 99% minecart riding? Yeah, me neither. But here it is anyway! v1.1 : changed map number
  8. Zipper

    [Reusable] Blanc

    Blanc finally decides that she wants to be in an actually good game, and joins Kart. With less swearing, hopefully. Stats: Speed : 7 Weight : 3
  9. Zipper

    [Reusable] Custom Boss - Anastasia

    What better way to kick off 2.2 than to shove some anime bosses into it? This is Anastasia, from Fate / Grand Order, here to make your life slightly tougher. A few attacks and tricks in her arsenal, you'll need to get good at rapid dodging to stand a chance. I'll try to fix any bugs that pop...
  10. Zipper

    [Character] Saber

    It's Saber. From Fate. In a Kart. Unfortunately none of you are in my FGO friends list, so she can't use her Noble Phantasm. Oh well, it happens sometimes.
  11. Zipper

    SRB2's Strong Cute Characters and that one Tails Pose (AFD 2016)

    So I wanted to start off by saying, I think the development team has done a pretty great job with the cast of characters in SRB2. They are diverse, interesting, and compelling. From Sonic to Knuckles the cast reflects a large spectrum of personalities and player fantasies. With that being...
  12. Zipper

    [Thokker] World of Imagination

    Woah hey since Thokker is the hip and fresh thing these days I decided to make a level for it. Except I don't play thokker and trying to get a playtesting server up and running is harder than trying to hunt down a caribou on Christmas season so I'm terrible at seeing what's wrong and what's...
  13. Zipper


    Don't get too excited yet, this isn't some full fledged mod or anything. I was just curious to see how far I could take the HUD drawing functions and....well.....I got this. It's only one fight, with no mercy allowed, but it works! AND it's pretty faithful to the original game! Have fun...
  14. Zipper

    Starry Sky Zone

    I tried to make a legit SRB2-playstyled level again, since my last attempt was in 2011, and we know how THAT turned out. Turns out I didn't improve at all, but now I can use excessive lua to mask my shameful design choices, yay! So yeah, short level, has custom enemies, a custom boss, custom...
  15. Zipper

    [Reusable] Quickman 2 - Marisa After : It's a Wonderful Lifebar

    release edition woooooo I made some changes of course: -Marisa's speed has been increased by 33%. I will revert this if this proves to be too much. (Bat Bash and Burstchaser Mode have also been adjusted appropriately.) -Speaking of, Burstchaser mode is totally a thing! Try typing "burstchaser...
  16. Zipper

    Pinkie 2.1

    Well this is a port of the 2.0 Pinkie I released, and she's not much different.... Did I tell you that she can boost now?
  17. Zipper

    [Reusable] Custom Robo Hood Boss

    A custom boss with a slightly different attack pattern from the original Robo-Hood. Nothing too special but have fun anyways. A boss doesn't really need screenshots.
  18. Zipper

    Pinkie Pie [MLP]

    So here's a pony character for you guys, in case you felt the need to play as one. Sprite bases were pretty much done by CoatRack, I just edited some of them for gameplay, so really most of the credit goes to him. Screenshots and the wad should be in attachments, at least I hope they are...
  19. Zipper

    A question about race maps.

    Today, I had a thought about race maps. Going through the same place 4 times could get a little boring....also,it's not impossible to pull of a SP race and create sprint race maps. If done correctly, it could be possible to create the illusion of the map changing everytime you go through it just...
  20. Zipper


    oops i updated it again -Ending extended a little more -GFZ area is replaced with something more fancy -ZOOM TUBES