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  1. Lyndis

    [Reusable] Beat (SJB version)

    This is really good. No offense to whoever made the original Beat, but in my opinion the sprites really do not measure up to the standard of quality of anything else in bonuschars.
  2. Lyndis

    R. Sonic

    While I do prefer the rounder, cute shape of the original but your colors are far more appealing. Almost looks like an in-between classic and modern Sonic designs. Good job!
  3. Lyndis

    [Reusable] Cut Man [v.1]

    Very good stuff
  4. Lyndis

    Super Mario Bros. in SRB2Kart

    Great mod OP. The spritework is incredible. He's been stuck playing MK8 for almost 5 years and now has to go to Sonic's game to get something new (instead of the other way around), cut him some slack. ;P