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  1. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Can Demo Playback Start On Other Level's?

    I've been wondering, is it possible to make the title screen demo start on other level's other then the default one's? I tryed to use the command SpStage_Start command that's in the maincfg, but that got me nowhere. I thought that using this command also effect's which level the demo currently...
  2. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Is it possible to make a camera follow Metal Sonic Race Bot in LUA?

    I don't wanna sound crazy or anything but I'm just wondering if it is possbile to make a LUA that the camera can follow the Metal Sonic Race Bot just like F12ing a player (Basically Camera Tracking Metal Sonic Bot when someone presses F12). Because I noticed there are some commands that allow...
  3. Deadpool The Hedge..

    How Do I create a thing/object?

    I've been trying over and over again to make a object that is a scenery object and doesn't do anything. But I can't just figure it out with this new system to LUA and creating a object in general. Can someone explain to me step by step and show me a good example of how to make one, so I can make...
  4. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Can Metal Sonic Replay Do Full Race Laps?

    I was thinking is it possible to make metal sonic run around 4 laps around the stage because everytime I try to create a metal sonic replay and try to pass the finish line it just spams all the laps and closes srb2 and creates the replay. But when I race normal with the same map as regular sonic...
  5. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Srb2 DoomBuilder "Save Map into" Error

    So during making my wads I was trying to save one of my maps onto another wad using the Srb2 Doom option "Save map into...". But when it was building the nodes and all that, it worked fine, then it gave me this error... Error -2147221504 while saving map: Incorrect Lump Table address (0)...
  6. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Unclose Sectors

    I hate to sound all stupid for asking this question but I wanted to know if there was some simple way to fix unclosed sectors beside's doing it manually (even though I still can do it manually). I was wondering if Srb2 Doom Builder had a fix sector option in the tool's tab but all I found was...
  7. Deadpool The Hedge..

    One Side Texture For A FOF

    So I was trying to make a FOF that can only have one side a different texture, but I dont really know how to make that. What I mean is, instead of having the FOF the same texture for each side I want it to be one side that is a different texture from the other textures. So basically I'm trying...
  8. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Objects On A F.O.F?

    So I was wondering about how to make a objects on a F.O.F (Floor Over Floor). During my process I tryed to create a bridge that is a F.O.F, but every time I try to put objects on that F.O.F it just keeps on going under the F.O.F. But what I really want this process to do is make the objects go...
  9. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Help On How To Make Teleporter (Without the node glitch)

    The title says it all, so I wanted to know "How To Make Teleporter (Without The Node Glitch)." I saw the Srb2 wiki already but I need a better explaination on how to make it. I'm trying to make the player teleport to its destination (not an object).
  10. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Sonic Has A Part In A Movie? (Not Fan Made)

    Finally all the Sonic fans have been waiting I've waited as well. But the waiting is over im so exited. The movie is called "Wreck It Ralph" (made from Disney). All your favorite game characters are going to be be in there like "Bowser,Qbert,Pacman and yes even Eggman and Sonic The Hedgehog are...
  11. Deadpool The Hedge..

    Character Wad Help Needed

    hi can anyone help me make my character sprites in a wad Please.i made these sprites by myself, I just need my character sprites in a wad. Can someone put them in a wad for me.I want my character to the same thing as sonic, like thok and spin dash, stuff like sonic does, so can anyone help me...