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  1. Terra

    Bean the Dynamite

    Terra submitted a new resource: Bean the Dynamite - What the heck kind of species is a dynamite anyway? Read more about this resource...
  2. Terra

    Bean the Dynamite 1.0

    Bean the Dynamite explodes into SRB2! While he can't jump on enemies to deal damage, he can use a variety of explosives such as bombs, or three bombs (whoa!) and propel himself using their explosions! These can be thrown on the ground or in the air by tapping spin, or by double jumping with a...
  3. Terra

    Wizard Sonic is back! [Wizard Sonic MD2]

    He's here. He's queer. He's almost 10 years old. (And he's got a blend PNG!) (MD2.dat entry: SONIC PLAY.MD2 3.2 0.0) So I got permission from SSNTails almost a whole year ago to do this and I never got around to releasing it, but here it is now. An updated version of this ol' guy.
  4. Terra

    Kirby md2

    You can change the size of an MD2 by changing the numbers at the end of it. For example, 3.0 0.0 to 4.0 0.0.
  5. Terra

    Simple projectile shooting lua thing?

    I've been working on a character and I want to make a lua script that allows you to use the spin button to shoot projectiles (kinda like Megaman). How do I do that? EDIT: Welp nevermind, I figured it out myself. Can a mod lock this topic please?
  6. Terra

    OpenGL translucency issue?

    So while in the middle of testing an MD2 model I came across this strange bug(?) with a translucent texture. Firstly, it doesn't work. But suddenly, out of nowhere it will start working. But then it fluctuates between the two at random intervals, but it causes the texture to become a different...
  7. Terra

    [Reusable] Zelda-Style Ocarina (ocarina.wad)

    I've found that using the elegy of emptiness creates these errors if using it as Silver while in your transformed state: I am unsure if it is a bug with Silver, the ocarina or both.
  8. Terra

    Fixed Pipe Towers Bouncing Bug(?)

    In Pipe Towers, when bouncing on one of these mushroom things you will stop, no matter how high you have bounced, if you land a bit too much off the center.
  9. Terra

    Bug when switching team to spectators

    I came across this weird bug where if you switch to any team in CTF (untested in other gamemodes) and respawn, then switch back to spectators, a message will say "[PLAYER] fell into a bottomless pit," followed by the usual message of switching to spectators, as you then fly up indefinitely until...
  10. Terra

    Silver The Hedgehog [dot pk3]

    Odd. That sounds much like when a wad is edited using a tool like XWE and automatically turns lowercase letters into uppercase letters, making the life icon and such appear in place of many sprites. I haven't been able to replicate this with Silver, however. As for the character itself, it was...
  11. Terra

    F. Sonic

    I also agree with shalpp. Having just replayed Sonic 3 & Knuckles recently I found it a bit jarring when I couldn't bounce off enemies when using the insta-shield.
  12. Terra

    [Reusable] Invincibility sparkles! (MD2 Model)

    Nope, they're made by Ashnal. Well, the models aren't, they're from Sonic Heroes. But he animated and released them a long time ago, back in the 1.09 days. I only managed to get them again because of that Sonic fan game which happened to have those models, and the same animations too.
  13. Terra

    [Reusable] Color + (Pal-ColorPlus.wad)

    Why is it so hard for people to share images from Dropbox? If you can't do it, why not use Imgur instead?
  14. Terra

    [Reusable] Virtual's MD2 Parade - Sonic 2006 travels to Srb2!

    Let's hear it, what did you do to fix it?
  15. Terra

    Resynching and server freezing problem.

    There's this awful bug where whenever anyone joins or leaves the server, then they and someone else gets synched out, there's a rare chance that the console will be spammed with rejoining messages and chat messages, and then cause the server to freeze, forcing me to quit the game. This has...
  16. Terra

    [Reusable] Virtual's MD2 Parade - Sonic 2006 travels to Srb2!

    Well, that's definitely mature. If it's for your BlitzSonic engine, why bother posting it here in an MD2 forum? There's no point. Also, what you call "trolling" isn't exactly trolling, it's more like being completely misleading. *truly.
  17. Terra

    [Reusable] Virtual's MD2 Parade - Sonic 2006 travels to Srb2!

    Really? I don't mean to be rude, but... Sonic.EXE? It's an overrated creepypasta that really doesn't belong in SRB2 and everything should be done to keep it out. I'm sorry, but I really don't think anyone needs what is essentially Sonic with red paint splashed on him and a black eyeball with red...
  18. Terra

    Jasper for 2.1 - New whimsical abilities!

    What is it? Will only time tell us?
  19. Terra

    Jasper for 2.1 - New whimsical abilities!

    See, the problem is, with both of your Jasper MD2 models you are only missing the things that make Jasper look less like a generic tails look-a-like. His muzzle is much wider and spreads out. You should work on the MD2 more because it only just barely resembles Jasper. Of course, I can't really...
  20. Terra

    [Reusable] Restrict Skins! (RestrictSkins.lua)

    So it's basically forceskin in lua form? Who needs that?