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  1. Mega

    SRB2 Mod Direct

    MOD EDIT: Not gonna even put the direct here for folks to see? Fine, I'll do it. two words. FUCKING AWESOME
  2. Mega

    I dont like Ralsei from Deltarune

    No, not in the way you think. I just think sooner or later he's gonna backstab us and his death scene will make me sad. And I think Susie is better. :threat:
  3. Mega

    How To Run Kart maps on Srb2?

    So recently, I saw someone do a race using SRB2 Kart maps, but in SRB2 itself. How can I do that?
  4. Mega


    Today, we shall start a fluffy boy meeting. All foxes are allowed. (Tails, Fluffy, Skip, you name it) Anyone that can host, message me. THE FOX BOYS SHALL TAKE OVER! -From Fox Master
  5. Mega

    I wanna be a better android player.

    So, I got the emblems, did the stuff, but I'm still pretty bad on Android. I wanna get better.