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  1. allu_key

    Thoughts on sonic frontiers?

    Me personally, it looks like a fan game
  2. allu_key

    What is your favorite sonic merchandise you own?

    Mine is the GE re release cream plushie I will show an picture of it later also send pics of your favorite merchandise if you don't mind!
  3. allu_key

    What's your fav sonic tv show pick 3!

    mines is The adventure with sonic the hedgehog! Sonic underground Sonic boom
  4. allu_key

    what are thoughts on sonic frontiers *running out of threads ideas sorry*

    I think it might be like sonic and the black knights maybe a free roam game lolz it might be great
  5. allu_key

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming 2022 netflix gaming show Sonic prime?

    I think it'll be good hope it's not a disappointment Just wish they had Jason or roger to voice sonic...
  6. allu_key

    What is the worst sonic you played? list 3 worst sonic game and 3 good sonic game *respect people opinion*

    Worst sonic i EVER played is 1: Sonic forces 2: Sonic boom rise 3: IDK BEST LIST 1: shadow the hedgehog 2: sonic 06 3: sonic 2
  7. allu_key

    Late question: What did you get for christmas?

    I got goku action figuers My dad got my a sonic plush and I got a new alarm clock.
  8. allu_key

    what is your favorite sonic character or least fan made character

    Mines favorite character is the sonic ORINGNAL team.
  9. allu_key

    Do you have pet?

    I have 2 cats kit, and midnight yeah my little midnight is black.
  10. allu_key

    If you met Yuji Naka what would you do?

    I would probably be surprised and ask him for an autograph.
  11. allu_key

    Favorite cookie?

    My favorite cookie is the one that has black on top and bottom and white cream inside 😅 I think their called oreo's
  12. allu_key

    Are the sonic color ultimate footage real?

    HAH not even 6 year old me would think it's true :threat:
  13. allu_key

    What do you think about Sonic color Ultimate?

    Ha, I like how they Spelled color right but not colurs.
  14. allu_key

    Sonic Colors Ultimate now Sonic Origins!?!

    There was Sonic Mania but this might be better (MIGHT) I heard there was gonna be additional features for Sonic Origins. I don't really know any, but if I do find something about it I'll comment Also the grammar might seem a little better than last time because I'm Allu_Keys brother...
  15. allu_key

    What is your favorite sonic song

    I won't post mines because it's all of them but mario is a good game but it music suc.
  16. allu_key

    Did you know SA2 Son of a glitches???

    Their some people that have not found all the glitches and REFERNCE in these sonic games.... so I decided To created this thread starting with my favorite youtuber Did you know gaming catch phrase "Did you know Adventure sonic?" 1621951584 Once you start on the level on CITY escape Sonic will...
  17. allu_key

    What is your favorite horror movie or show don't have one? then what is your favorite CARTOON]

    Horror movie is chucky all movie And freddy and stuff like them my favorite cartoon is Sonic x yes it's a bad show but you gotta go FAST AND FASTER my other is sonic underground and Sonic the Ya know my off cartoon is PPG Power puff girls I watch them because my mom move to CANDA because she...
  18. allu_key

    What did you felt like when you listen to srb2 Story and what you felt like first playing?

    E I was like this "!!!! THIS ANIMATION CAN BE LIKE MY PROJECT FOR THE 4TH GRADE" yes I found srb2 at a young age but never join their website but I think I made one when I was in the uh 5TH yes 5th grade and the account got ban because I Wanted to be the cool kid:knuxsmug:. How I felt first...
  19. allu_key

    What is your favorite Anime???

    Akame ga kill, Blue dragon, Inuyasha, Ranma, Tanya the evil Many more :/
  20. allu_key

    New title Whats your favorite game and why? What is your favorite sonic game and fan game

    Mines would be ALL sonic game except sonic rush my favorite game is blue dragon, batman, shadow the hedgehog, a hat in time, COD, I hate FORNITE FORNITE 1621868000 fortnite badddddddddddddddd