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  1. Terra

    Bean the Dynamite

    Terra submitted a new resource: Bean the Dynamite - What the heck kind of species is a dynamite anyway? Read more about this resource...
  2. Terra

    Wizard Sonic is back! [Wizard Sonic MD2]

    He's here. He's queer. He's almost 10 years old. (And he's got a blend PNG!) (MD2.dat entry: SONIC PLAY.MD2 3.2 0.0) So I got permission from SSNTails almost a whole year ago to do this and I never got around to releasing it, but here it is now. An updated version of this ol' guy.
  3. Terra

    Simple projectile shooting lua thing?

    I've been working on a character and I want to make a lua script that allows you to use the spin button to shoot projectiles (kinda like Megaman). How do I do that? EDIT: Welp nevermind, I figured it out myself. Can a mod lock this topic please?
  4. Terra

    OpenGL translucency issue?

    So while in the middle of testing an MD2 model I came across this strange bug(?) with a translucent texture. Firstly, it doesn't work. But suddenly, out of nowhere it will start working. But then it fluctuates between the two at random intervals, but it causes the texture to become a different...
  5. Terra

    Fixed Pipe Towers Bouncing Bug(?)

    In Pipe Towers, when bouncing on one of these mushroom things you will stop, no matter how high you have bounced, if you land a bit too much off the center.
  6. Terra

    Bug when switching team to spectators

    I came across this weird bug where if you switch to any team in CTF (untested in other gamemodes) and respawn, then switch back to spectators, a message will say "[PLAYER] fell into a bottomless pit," followed by the usual message of switching to spectators, as you then fly up indefinitely until...
  7. Terra

    Resynching and server freezing problem.

    There's this awful bug where whenever anyone joins or leaves the server, then they and someone else gets synched out, there's a rare chance that the console will be spammed with rejoining messages and chat messages, and then cause the server to freeze, forcing me to quit the game. This has...
  8. Terra

    Question about Metal Sonic.

    About the Metal Sonic race and boss, why are Metal Sonic's sprites not the sprites from this wad?: The ones we have in ERZ3 are very out of place compared to the sprites of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. This one looks very similar to the style of the other characters, so why was this Metal Sonic...
  9. Terra

    Avatars sized 42x42 become giant.

    If your avatar is sized 46x46, it will become giant. See for yourself, try using this: EDIT: 46x46, not 42x42.
  10. Terra


    Oh yeah, he is back and better than before! Now some of his animations have been completely changed! MD2 Coordinates: 3.0 0.0 UPDATE! Most animations have been changed to be much more accurate and actually look like SOME effort was put into them! Download it already!
  11. Terra

    First ever Brak Eggman MD2?

    So, I've been starting work on a model for Brak Eggman. Is it good so far?
  12. Terra


    I've been wondering for a while now, has taunting been removed in 2.1?
  13. Terra

    [Reusable] Invincibility sparkles! (MD2 Model)

    Coming to SRB2, the first ever Invincibility sparkles MD2! NEW UPDATE AS OF 24/03/2014 Now the stars shrink and grow while rotating like the sprites do! Attachment has been updated!
  14. Terra

    Ring numbers too close to each other, and /me text issue

    Meanwhile, /me text is becoming white once it gets past the first line of text.
  15. Terra

    Parappa The Rapping Rapper. (ParappaTR.wad)

    Parappa finally returns and joins 2.1 with his swimming ability intact! Time to kick some robo butt as sony's rapping hero! [09/04/2014] So...Anybody order some Lua? Update. Parappa now runs faster with a slightly slower acceleration. He can also jump higher than before, and creates afterimages...
  16. Terra

    Character wads have changed values?

    I realised my parappa wad now does a double jump instead of swimming. I also realised he now doesn't spin while jumping and can't spindash. What are the new values for abilites and all that? I want to make him able to spin again and i want him to be able to swim again... I would also like to...
  17. Terra

    Fixed MD2 models gone weird

    Now when I spin as an MD2, the spintrail is a half-stuck in ground standing bunch of afterimages of the md2 i am playing as. (Pay no attention to the message, it was an old bind I had when I used to roleplay about tails doll or something... Here I just accidentally pressed it. Also, I was...
  18. Terra


    I've been thinking of making a Pac-man character, and I just made this sprite to know what people think and know what I should improve.
  19. Terra

    Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 - OpenGL Flickering?

    Whenever I open SRB2 on OpenGL and try to play at a resolution higher than 1280x720, the screen flickers like crazy. Any way to fix this? This never used to happen before I updated my drivers.
  20. Terra

    Taunt sound not working?

    I used audacity and saved taunt sound files as unsigned 8 bit PCM files in .wav format, but when I use them in-game it just plays the ring throwing sound effect. How do I fix this? I even tried checking to see if I got the names right in the s_skin, to the point of copying from the wiki and the...