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    [Reusable] Junio Sonic

    Supporters / CoAuthors HellHawkX Lach MotdSpork Tatsuru
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    Yes, you read that title right. This has been a rather popular request amongst many members of the community throughout the years, so I finally decided to take in the deed myself and make it a reality. I hope this is what you all wanted. No in-game screenshots for obvious reasons.
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    Homing into TNT barrels

    I'd guess being able to lock onto barrels with the magnet shield was unintended, given the behavior it gives off here (I get being able to lock on with Fang's cork gun, but with the magnet shield seems pointless). A similar problem occurs with addon characters with the homing attack ability.
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    Supporters / CoAuthors HellHawkX Lach VAdaPEGA
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    [Reusable] Van Darkholme joins the club!

    ...hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. For anyone willing to enhance the Gachimuchi spanking racing experience, the Van Darkholme download comes packaged with a SFX replacement file! It doesn't changes the game too drastically, but it should be just enough to complement playing as...
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    [Reusable] Hornet from Daytona USA

    Hornet from Daytona USA is now playable in SRB2 Kart... just not in the way you'd expect. Hope you guys enjoy not being able to see where you're going. Thanks to: Jass for the "go away" voice sample along a few ripped Daytona sounds The Great Lange for providing model reference for Hornet...
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    [Character] Toei Sonic

    In case you feel you didn't have enough pointy Sonics, here's one more for your collection of good spiky boys! Based on the Sonic CD cinematics by Toei Animation, Toei Sonic is now playable for SRB2 Kart in his own UFO kart using voice lines from the Sonic OVA. Art all drawn by TrippleJaz...
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    [Reusable] Segata Sanshiro!!

    SEGATA SANSHIRO IS HERE TO PUNISH ANYONE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO NOT BE PLAYING SEGA SATURN He drives a literal Sega Saturn, because he would not dare to race with anything less.
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    T. Sonic

    Mirror download link
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    F. Sonic

    Q & A Q: Are these Sonic's sprites for 2.2? A: Yes. Q: Is this Sonic's gameplay for 2.2? A: No. Q: What does the F stands for? A: Force? Fabulous? Fancy? Final? Finished? It's up to you, really. Q: The WAD appears to have broken animations and the gameplay is not working! A: You'll need to...
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    Shenmue 3

    -- Link to the Kickstarter page -- Is this what dreams are made of?
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    Roach's endless sprite parade

    I'll be on a hiatus working on other things, but hey! At least Sonic is done! Now all you have to do is wait until the version 2.2 of the game comes out~ Open source content: My bunch of SRB2 work that will never get finished, because I'm unable to focus on these, mostly due to my tight...
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    He's okay.
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    [Reusable] Knuckles

    The character itself stays the same in terms of gameplay, the point of this WAD was to not only make Knuckles' main color look more of red instead of pink, but to also update and improve it's animations. The sprites were also edited so he could have his color separate from his shoes colors, and...
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    Fixed Bug with Wind Shield

    Like, I've been playing with a character which contained the "ability2 = 1" line inside his s_skin. I've got the Wind Shield but I've noticed I couldn't jump twice as normally, like, I jumped and then I pressed spin, nothing happened, although the wind shield still works in the other ways (like...
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    Fixed I tested the highres thing

    Look what have happened! At least it's not like in 1.09.4 where the sprite doesn't changes the size at all, but the character still must be centered correctly :|
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    Should Super Forms be in Single Player/Coop?

    I have noticed that super forms are not available in coop anymore, and heard that it's because of SMS making his WAD overpowered, post your opinion in this topic and discuss if Super Forms should return in Coop in my opinion it should return EDIT: Don't say you want Super Tails and Super...
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    Luigi WAD project

    I was never very happy with the Luigi WADs out there (there was only 2, but still), they weren't in SRB2 style, so one day I wanted to do one myself, this is how the first custom attempt turned out: I thought it wasn't very bad, but then I noticed this was just a Weegee, so I made a very...
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    Bomb wad (not a sprite rip)

    Here a sprite: Well, I don't know exactly how I will do the arms and the legs.