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  1. Mathos

    Is there a Mario model?

    I really like the mario mod, but it's sad that i can't find a model for it, is there any model ? (ps: i suck at modelling, animating and etc. so i cant do it)
  2. Mathos

    a mod that let you choose the super music would be cool right?

    of course it would be, there would be the: the vanilla super music (duh), open your heart (obviously), live and learn (also obvious), and what i'm made of (a banger) and other cool super musics like sonic's theme from sa1 ( i forgot the name :I) and it doesn't matter from sa2 Btw i'm not begging...
  3. Mathos

    How can i make a text box ?

    i want to make a part of my level that has a text (no actually two parts)
  4. Mathos

    how can i make more then a map in one wad ?

    i want to make a act 2 for my level.
  5. Mathos

    this looks so akward.

    too awkward How can i make a proper space section in my level ?
  6. Mathos

    "need a teleporter here!"

    How can i make a teleporter in my level ?
  7. Mathos

    (Answered) Modelling program ?

    does anyone know what software jeck jim uses to make the models ?
  8. Mathos

    how can i add a custom music to my custom level that isn't in the vanilla game ?

    i really want some bangers in my level, not that the vanilla music is bad
  9. Mathos

    Character dont move and dies when i test my level

    what can i do to fix this ? also the enemies wont move, the character dies after jumping. nothing i do seems to fix it, not even copying the whole map and pasting it on a new map file works.
  10. Mathos

    is there any mod that does this ?

    is there a mod that lets you change the character's color in single player ?
  11. Mathos

    Sonic 06 is not actually that bad

    You readed the tittle, the only reason people dont like sonic 06 is Elise, (and also the lot of bugs the game have(and its sad to know that most people who think its bad didnt even played it))
  12. Mathos

    thats a sad thing

    When you make a map cooler editing a lot of things and making it better just to you look at the map page and its not reeusable :dramahog: