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  1. SonC07

    AOAccount's Sega Genesis/MD Remix Pack V2.1

    Hello, Here's my collection of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive remixes for SRB2. This pack contains 24 remixes all made with FL Studio 20 and the Genny VST SRB2 MIDIs Ripped with Slade I'm pretty new to modding SRB2 so if I've done anything incorrectly please tell me. Hope you enjoy this remix pack...
  2. SonC07

    Discord Unban (I don't know where to put this)

    Hello, I got banned from the Sonic Robo Blast 2 Discord early this year for being too young to join I have since turned thirteen earlier this month Am I able to be unbanned, if so that would be appreciated ethanos#2842