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  1. GameBoyTM101

    Missing Death Barrier [ACZ1]

    Independently confirmed by Discord user @Angelus#2061, still present in 2.2.1
  2. GameBoyTM101

    [Reusable] Hyper Abilities

    With permission from both MotdSpork and HitCoder, I have polished up and ported this script to v2.2.x. Now you too can enjoy the full glory of the seizure-inducing Hypersonic Hedgehog and friends! BONUS: For those looking to create custom characters that wish to use this script, I have...
  3. GameBoyTM101

    Requesting help with Porting

    I've been working on pre-emptively porting MotdSpork's Hyper Sonic and Hyper Knuckles script to v2.2.x (with his permission), however, I've been having issues re-implementing the code that allowed for the second transformation from Super to Hyper. I thought it'd be useful for custom characters...
  4. GameBoyTM101

    Fixed 2.2 has issues with "Trigger Zones"

    (I'm not sure what they're actually called but that just makes sense to me) Getting to the gist of things here, basically, several areas in the game that are supposed to forcibly trigger a certain character state (i.e. zoomtubes) don't always seem to activate. It's entirely possible for...
  5. GameBoyTM101

    Fixed Floating texture in CEZ1.

    This only happens on one side and the other gate doesn't have a problem.