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  1. ◄Lionhart►

    Crystal Sonic

    Yes! And SMS is the horizontal God.
  2. ◄Lionhart►

    [Reusable] Sol Sestancia

    It's because 2.2.10 implemented something about map numbers and stuff and, uh, that fucked up some mappacks, like for example DemoQuest now just sends you to a GFZ1 with no music instead of Demo Quest Zone. Sorry if you didn't understand, i tried my best to explain.
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    SRB2 New Horizon

    Fang be like: this is fine.
  4. ◄Lionhart►

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    It disabled when you exit the game. At least that worked for me.
  5. ◄Lionhart►

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    Oh. My bad.
  6. ◄Lionhart►

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    Just a few hours left. Depending of your timezone, of course.
  7. ◄Lionhart►

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    N o . 1648344974 Have you tried reading though?
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    Modern Knuckles

    Check the previous thread.
  9. ◄Lionhart►

    zlx a bad oc ,sms compatible

    Hey, at least he wasn't wrong about it being a bad oc.
  10. ◄Lionhart►

    RingSlinger NEO

    I don't really like ringslinger, but... I really like this!
  11. ◄Lionhart►

    (Current Project: SRB2 Encore Campaign) Twins uhhhhhhhhhh stuff

  12. ◄Lionhart►

    Mecha Sonic Revamp [BETA]

    Rest in peace, Mecha Sonic...
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    Favorite Switch Game ( If you have a Nintendo Switch).

    Metroid Dread! It's the best (by best i mean the one that i most liked) Switch game i played so far.
  14. ◄Lionhart►

    What is your favorite Classic Sonic ROM hack?

    Hey, aqui se habla ingles. Y no hagas spam o poner muchos memes. Ah, casi lo olvido, por favor lee las reglas.
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    If SRB2 Added chapter 2

    Yeah, but that's the closest thing to a "SRB2.5".
  16. ◄Lionhart►

    What old mods do you want to come back?

    A port is being worked on. 1647271229 Actually, i have a port of creator.wad! Found it on a server btw. Edit: Here's a GIF!