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  1. time gear

    Sonic Origins +

    Actually it's neither official nor a fangame. It's fan art made by Lapper.
  2. time gear

    Sonic Origins +

    There's actually a mod for Sonic Origins that accomplishes this, no Sonic Mania required. Technically, SEGA does own the Sonic IP, so if they wanted to cease and desist a project and then claim it as their own to start selling they probably could fairly easily. Such a thing is incredibly...
  3. time gear

    Favorite Starter Pokemon?

    I can't choose just one, but here's my favorites from each generation: Squirtle Cyndaquil Treeko Piplup Snivy Fennekin Rowlet Scorbunny Sprigatito And counting side-series, I'd like to give a special shoutout to Riolu in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.
  4. time gear

    Sonic cd Disscusion

    I do have a soft spot for CD. Most people who have played it think it's garbage, but I actually think it's alright overall, but it does have issues holding it back. Namely, time traveling and going after the Metal Sonic capsules is tedious and goes against the "go fast" nature of classic Sonic...
  5. time gear

    is Malware free safe?

    Malware is always bad. You can think of it as being short for "malicious software". Official download links to download the game such as on the main website are malware free and are safe, but it's always a good idea to double check that you have the right URL and aren't just on a lookalike...
  6. time gear

    what is your fav naruto game

    Yeah, character swapping during battle was new to Storm 4. 3 had quick awakening instead (weaker than full and reduced the maximum meter over time as you used it), and 1 and 2 didn't have either.
  7. time gear

    what is your fav naruto game

    Storm 4 is my favorite as well, although I do kinda miss the quick awakening from Storm 3 and Revolution. Being able to swap which character you're playing as with your assists is super good, but I kinda wish they had made it an option with the other option being the Storm 3 style quick...
  8. time gear

    Thoughts on sonic frontiers?

    It's not perfect, but it's super good and might even be the best Sonic game to date.
  9. time gear

    What do you hate most about the game?

    Modding communities are not a flat, consistent thing. Modding accessibility differs from game to game based on a number of factors such as who the game's target demographic is (such as age, etc.), how popular the franchise is, what kinds of modding tools are available, how moddable the game...
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    Something I think would be cool would be speed sensitivity for the spin sprites. The faster you're moving horizontally, the more squished inward into disks they get. This would preferably be handled dynamically rather than actually being sprited out manually, both to make it more smooth and to...
  11. time gear

    What do you hate most about the game?

    This is false. The dev team is more than willing to take inspiration from modern titles when doing so is beneficial, the game is largely just themed after the classics and takes them as it's biggest inspiration. They have stated as much in the past, in addition to them not exactly keeping it a...
  12. time gear

    What is your preferred way to play SRB2?

    I play with my Dualshock 4 in Simple mode. R1 and L1 as well as right analog for camera, D-Pad and left analog for movement, X for jump, O for spin, Square for Custom 1, Triangle for Custom 2, R3 for Custom 3 (kinda jank but it works best as far as I can think of), Options for the Menu and Share...
  13. time gear

    Favorite music from a sonic game

    Chaos Angel Act 2.
  14. time gear

    Simple Addon Request

    Honestly if the intention is just to skip the emeralds, you don't even need to mod the game to do it. You can cheat them all into your inventory at once using Pandora's Box. Might require downloading a save file though, depending on how far OP is in terms of progress.
  15. time gear

    Thoughts on Elon Musk Twitter takeover?

    I don't use Twitter, so I'm pretty indifferent. Honestly the closest things to social media I use are Youtube, Steam Community, and the SRB2 Forum.
  16. time gear

    What version of SRB2 Music do you like most?

    In regards to the main OST, I'm nostalgic to the classic versions (such as from around the Final Demo era) but I overall enjoy the newer ones more. For midi, I haven't really listened to the newer versions properly but I always really enjoyed the old Techno Hill with the background synth.
  17. time gear

    what"s your favorite sonic character

    For me, in general, it has to go to Metal Sonic. He's got to be one of my favorite rivals in all of fiction, perfectly encapsulating everything Sonic is fighting against while also being incredibly similar to Sonic in appearance and abilities and being his general near equal, even surpassing him...
  18. time gear

    Whatever happened with the tunes command?

    I kinda miss the old system, but I also see the benefits of the new one. I kinda wish there was a way to have our cake and eat it too, but I can't imagine how that would even work.
  19. time gear


    If they do that, it should at least have a toggle option.