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  1. klasky

    Best Snake records

    Ever since a 2.2 update, you can play Snake in SRB2! But only if you're downloading a file. What's the best (or one of the best if you don't remember) record you got in it? Mine is... uh, I don't remember. IIRC 35 or 40? Dunno. May edit this thread to include this, once I get one record that I...
  2. klasky

    Klasky's SRB2 Stuff

    Hi, I also do modding stuff. Currently, I have 3 SRB2 projects: a port of SRB2 Heroes, Cutedy the Bear in SRB2 and CutedyHangouts (Cutedy's House and Peach's Castle). However, all of them EXCEPT SRB2 Heroes is on hold. Sometimes, I will show off progress of them in this thread. I'll start with...
  3. klasky

    Favorite food?

    Yes, I know there are multiple threads like this, but they are old and closed, so here's a new one. Soup: Bean soup In general: Kasha (Grechka) Fast food: Pizza, burger, french fries I also like mashed potatoes with either schnitzel or fish.
  4. klasky

    Any not so popular games you like?

    Well, I like the Neighbours from Hell (not to be confused with that one adult animated sitcom). It's funny and I also used to like it when I was a little kid. I have beaten the first game 100% a few times, while the second game... I think I've only beaten it 100% once?? This year, I've played...
  5. klasky

    Sonic Rush Duology Discussion

    What do you think about Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure? Personally, Sonic Rush is a good game. It's fun to boost through the stages and try to get a higher rank! It has pretty graphics aswell. What I like about the game is that it's made for the Nintendo DS. DS games on emulators run fine...
  6. klasky

    Super Mario 64 (N64, DS, PC, etc.) Discussion

    Thought making this thread, because why not? What do you think about SM64, the DS remake or the PC port? Or the other ports? Feel free to share it! I'd start. ===================================================== A few years ago, I was trying to complete SM64. I don't remember exactly if I...