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  1. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Favorite Starter Pokemon?

    Just asking, btw my favorite is totodile
  2. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Old Addons Are Better

    i kinda agree
  3. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Worst Pre-Metropolis Sonic 2 Zone?

    aquatic ruin is one of the best water levels imo
  4. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Patch PK3 for SRB2 v2.2.10 Released

  5. KarmaTheHedgehog


    why did sirexer get banned
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  7. KarmaTheHedgehog

    What version of SRB2 Music do you like most?

    2.1 music is the best imo
  8. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Question About SRB2 2.2.5

    Your using an outdated version of SRB2. and you apply shaders by going to the reshade website.
  9. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Fairon The Heghehog

    hey i watch your yt channel
  10. KarmaTheHedgehog

    [Reusable] Early Sonic

    bruh this idiot... 1663776229 first sms. then insulting someones mod.
  11. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Speccy the Kitsune

    not even gonna speak so this page doesnt turn into a twitter argument
  12. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Speccy the Kitsune

  13. KarmaTheHedgehog

    KarmaTheHedgehog's Weird Pallete Pack - Told Ya!

    i added a new pallete, thats it.
  14. KarmaTheHedgehog

    How i can make Nextbots like GMOD and Nico's Nextbots For SRB2?

    Deton reskin 1662864458 But how would we bhop?
  15. KarmaTheHedgehog

    Why is Tails so damn adorable?

    twitter moment
  16. KarmaTheHedgehog

    KarmaTheHedgehog's Weird Pallete Pack - Announcement.

    This wont just be an inverted color pack anymore, it will have much more soon.
  17. KarmaTheHedgehog


    So no more documic?