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  1. Andres_Craft

    Let's discuss about the mysterious sonic game for 2022 (SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Self explanatory title out of the way, yea, im not good at thinking what it could be, but this is a fun topic to discuss about, because this is the begining of the thread, i don't have much to talk about, so i'll drop that at 12:18, The official Sonic account commented, "Where have we seen that...
  2. Andres_Craft

    How to chesse Ultimate mode with add-ons.

    Add-ons are amazing aren't they... Add-ons I used: Almost Super Sonic (A.S.S.) Buddy EX (To change characters) 7Emeralds.lua (Couldn´t find it(You can also just... collect them)) Characters you like (In my case: Shadow, and OVA Knux) Tails :/ Token guide X-Momentum So... you may be...
  3. Andres_Craft

    Has anyone made an add-on the switch colors on 1 Player modes?

    I just want to play as Seafoam Metal in Single player :(