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Callow2376 12-10-2017 03:04 AM

Is there anything I need to know before re-downloading SRB2?
Hello, I've been playing SRB2 years ago and I've been told by people that my computer has many Trojans on there. They said it was SRB2 causing the problem. I'm not sure if I should believe them, because I read fourms on how SRB2 doesn't have a viruses. I was thinking about re-downloading the game. Is there any websites I need to stay away from if I want my computer to stay safe? (such as installing mods)

Sky The Destroyer 12-10-2017 04:55 AM

In the past, there have been a few anti-viruses that have accidentally picked SRB2 up as being a virus, but SRB2 is most certainly not one.

If you just download SRB2 and SRB2 mods from the official website (and its subdomains such as, you'll be just fine.

CobaltBW 12-13-2017 08:29 PM

All downloads on the official domain are safe, including message board addons. Any downloads outside of that are beyond the staff's control.

Rob 12-14-2017 02:04 PM

SRB2 does generate some false positives on some antivirus software. But Cobalt has it. As long as you got everything from the links on the main site, you're good.

There are 3rd party websites that do host our game and inject malware into the installer though. Obviously, we don't support or encourage this, but we can't really stop it either. If you did not get it from our site, then it is possible SRB2 came packaged with something nasty.

toaster 12-15-2017 10:00 AM

One thing that's pretty useful is that SRB2 is free-as-in-liberty open source software, so all of the code in the current release of the game is open to the public and can be checked. If you don't trust the executable we provide for any reason, even base paranoia, you can check for yourself by compiling your own. The build/dependency pipeline is a bit messy, but there are people on the outside of the team who have learnt to do it.

Of course, this is a more complicated user path than you'll probably follow. I figure it's useful and even interesting to talk about the game's natural defenses against the injection of malicious behaviour, though.

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