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Sryder13 12-10-2016 12:27 PM

[2.1.18] v.drawFill with V_SNAPTO*
If you have, for example, a v.drawFill that goes from 0 to 320 on x and from 150 to 200 on y. The drawFill will not be affected by V_SNAPTOTOP or V_SNAPTOBOTTOM. Meaning you can never have that fill along the very bottom of the screen in not aspect correct resolutions. It's because the changes to it drawing aren't performed because it's drawing it across the entire width of the screen. I think the same probably happens with a vertical drawFill too.


v.drawFill(0, 163, 320, 37, 31+V_SNAPTOBOTTOM)
Gives a result of:

Also, the top fill in that image doesn't even need V_SNAPTOTOP to be at the very top of the screen so something is wrong there as well.

TehRealSalt 12-10-2016 04:46 PM

IIRC most video flags don't work with v.drawFill in general. The screen darken when voting in SUGOI is done with a scaled black 1x1 patch instead of a fill because V_TRANS50 wouldn't work on it.

Sryder13 12-10-2016 06:56 PM

The V_SNAPTO* flags are meant to work with drawFill though. When using any fill that is within the screen edges completely, they work.

Monster Iestyn 04-25-2017 01:01 AM

I suspect this might be fixed now following Inuyasha's fix ( being merged in, though I'll have to double check that.

EDIT: Yep the given example works properly now in non-green resolutions.

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