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    [Reusable] YellowFlame4444's Kart Character pack v4.0

    With Shaggy joining the race, He can win them using only 0.00000000001% of his power.
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    Honestyi's Character Pack [Minor Corrections update]

    me seeing pingu in srb2 kart
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    [Reusable] Kartmaker - Sprites to WAD in record time

    I really like this tool, it´s the easiest way for me to make characters.
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    [Character] ArcadeNpack V1.4: I O U A SRB2K Pack

    thanks for making a separate character folder
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    SpongeBob & Patrick riding in the Patty Wagon - Tessy's Character Pack

    you did a really good job on the character, we finally have a disney character in srb2 kart.