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    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Tarnish Ward has both a time and a ring emblem but i can't seem to be able to pick that map in the record attack menu :/
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    Contest Discussion

    They're probably making sure stuff works decently enough for it to release, same thing happened with the previous OLDC.
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    oldc round 2 votes, yay

    This has to be the best OLDC i have played so far, so many good levels that were extremely hard to rate. Don't be sad if your level end up ranking low, you still did great and you can use this to improve your map making skills (i'm still trying to improve over here). 1. Nimbus Lake Zone by...
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    The Platinum Sparks Pack!

    Doesn't seem like any of the maps are selectable in the new version, and if forced to load then the game just SIGSEGVs on you. I'm guessing that's because the main soc isn't in the right folder.
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    yellow's 2021 round 1 oldc voting thingamadoodle

    no more blah blah like last time i voted, let's go SP Division: 1)Abyss Caverns Zone by yyeellooww7: I made this. Yeah, it's not perfect and it's really flat. But i had fun making it. Until i kinda just didn't know what to do anymore and that's why the final room is the way it is (just one big...
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    yyeellooww7's boring oldc voting list thing

    So first things first: This is my first time voting for an OLDC. Second, I'm sorry if my opinion is equally as bad as people saying that 3² = 6, i'm not that good at arguments or justifying the things i like or dislike, but i'll try to make things fair. Third, if theres any sort of typo then i'm...