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    [Reusable] Island Tour

    Hey, just so that you know, this isnt how you do sky-boxes in srb2. Each level has a set to do a sky-box like that, rename your sky texture's filename to "SKYn", but replace the "n" with a number. Then, open your level header and add a line that says "SkyNum = n" but replace the "n" with...
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    fickle's camera mod that she refuses to give a good name to

    Just managed to beat the entire game with the mod. I've found it also really helps when you're on a laptop with a crappy track-pad that deactivates when you're pressing too many keys. Sure, it's not the optimal way to play, but honestly no game-pad control scheme can ever match the precision of...
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    fickle's camera mod that she refuses to give a good name to

    Holy guacamoly, this is incredible! It works so well! The only issue I can find is that the boss aim-assist stops locking on when you hit a boss, but it still thinks it is on, leaving you in a state where you're just strafing without any lock-on, so if you have it set to toggle, you have to...
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    CD Sonic

    I thought those were supposed to represent the anomalous extra spine that appears when looking at super sonic from the side; the extra spine that toei Sonic also mysteriously has sometimes.
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    CD Sonic

    This character is awesome! I love the how distinct the different emerald powers are, while still having interconnected uses! I think the only one I haven't found a good use for is the orange emerald, but if it also makes you immune to spikes, then I can see tons of neat things you could do with...
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    =Metroid Vanguard= Samus.pk3 (Huge update!)

    I just finished the vanilla map-pack with Samus and holy crap do I love this WAD. The way that most SRB2 maps are made translates very well to a Metroid-y character. The way the upgrades work makes me actually want to explore the levels, and when I got a fully powered-up suit in CEZ2 and that...
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    Chaos Factory Zone Act 1

    Why doesnt this just replace map01?
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    SRB2 Demo 2 Remaster - 2.1.17, Beta 1

    Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to sound angry. I was just trying to get across how absurd the whole thing felt to me. I only really have a problem with MMZ's difficulty spike.
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    SRB2 Demo 2 Remaster - 2.1.17, Beta 1

    What's the point of "remastering" a level if you're not actually going to improve it? You already added enemies from newer versions so why not add checkpoints? I get that you're trying to be faithful to the original level design, but the original level design was bullshit and was based on...
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    SRB2 Demo 2 Remaster - 2.1.17, Beta 1

    Ok, so I got to Mine Maze Zone and FUCK THIS LEVEL. The amount of absolutely infuriating level is frustrating as hell. One, please put some checkpoints in the levels, two, either make the crushers slower, or give them a different texture because at this point, it's just memorization.
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    SRB2 Demo 2 Remaster - 2.1.17, Beta 1

    This is actually pretty neat, my computer can't run Demo 2 without a VM, so it's nice to have this! I have to say, this is miles better than SRB2:TP immersion-wise, which is a bit funny considering the already stated fact that the name implies that this isn't supposed to be a "we cleaned up and...
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    [Reusable] Mine Maze Remake

    Another SUGOI level bites the du- er, I mean, is remade and expanded upon! This is pretty good, nice job!
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    SRB2 The Past 1.08.c

    I don't think this is intentional... I found this in the demos 2 & 3 version.
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    [Reusable] Metronome

    Wow! This really cool, and it sorta reminds me of the metal anyone wad.
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    New Flickey Sprites?

    I was playing srb2 a few minutes ago, and I realized that the flickey sprites seemed really outdated and ugly. Are there plans on making redoing the sprites for them?