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  • VGBoy replied to the thread [Level Pack] Hype Resort Zone.
    VGBoy updated Hype Resort Zone with a new update entry: Hype Resort Version 2.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  • VGBoy updated the resource Hype Resort Zone with Hype Resort Version 2.1.
    Fixed a misaligned spring at a key ramp jump, and adjusted visuals of the skybox and on the track.
  • VGBoy created the resource Hype Resort Zone in Kart Maps.
    Welcome to Hype Resort! A beginner track on an island resort. Drive through the main halls and along the lively coastline. Any feedback...
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  • The devilish antagonist of the Puyo Puyo series joins the race! As a rival to Arle, his high speed and weight mirrors her light weight...
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  • VGBoy created the resource Elec Man (V2.2) in Kart Characters.
    The shocking Robot Master from Mega Man flashes through! He’s surprisingly light, which helps for getting past tight corners, but his...
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