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    SC_Medpack (Previously known as SC_GMS)

    (sorry for late reply) Honestly I don't see myself working on this anymore anytime soon, or if ever, solely for the reasons of: 1.) Most of this mappack makes me cringe now that I look at it 2.) I'm now working on something bigger, with a group of people 3.) I can't seem to replicate the crash...
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    After using the editor, playing around with it, editing some maps, I can say this is a great improvement from the previous doom builder and doom builder 2. Zone builder has really useful tools, easy to use once you get used to it, and is far superior in many respects. I would recommend it.
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    SRB2 Heroes (Real superpower of TEAMWORK!)

    The omega sprites look good, but have some minor problems. (Hate doing lists, but, more organized this way. Make me seem rude-ish). 1.) The feet and hand designs aren't true to the design. 2.) The overall angle of the feet is facing the wrong angle, they seem to be facing the sides too much...
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    SRB2DVD - Updated for 2.1.15!

    @deadpool well that's why I also included the sector height changing with the possible linedefs that could be used. Simply by changing floor and ceiling heights of sectors and fofs you could have a different level. @lat ah, wasn't thinking of netgames, I can see where the problem with that...
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    SRB2DVD - Updated for 2.1.15!

    Hm. Just an idea, but how about making the stages change through linedefs? iirc there is a linedef that allows you to change textures, change sector height, and change flats, so, this could be used to not really send the player to another copy of the level, but ultimately change the level to be...
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    [Reusable] Sonic Colors/Lost World Wisps Plus The jump abilities *V0.9 UPDATE*

    @Rosy & Motdspork: It also destroys enemies, and grants you invincibility through its duration. I think this addon is pretty cool, hope you will do cyan laser and green hover soon.
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    Found 2 more bugs: 1.) Using the rewind when completing a level puts you back into action with the goal still being turned, and for bosses you are stuck being unable to finish the level due to the level sorta already being finished. 2.) When using rewind after using rope hangs in ACZ the...
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    This worked fine, then a few seconds later srb2 crashed. I checked the logs, but nothing shows up.literally just says the lua has been added, the lua was loaded, and no maps were added. That's it. This has been reproduced once. Besides the crash that follows it, pretty cool lua.
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    Jasper for 2.1 - New whimsical abilities!

    Yeah, I just need to give it frames to match the new sprites.
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    Jasper for 2.1 - New whimsical abilities!

    So um... Whoops, wrong pic:
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    Metal Sonic

    Metal sonic in sa2 battle (I don't think it's like this in the original sa2) has a higher jump and farther jump dash than sonic/shadow. Just saying for the sake of knowledge.
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    Fixed [2.1.15] Wrong Texture in Red Volcano

    Can't believe I'm making an entire topic for this very small thing that is barely worth the time of a topic, but I can see no where else to post it, so might as well:
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    Eggman's Jetpack

    I once made an Eggman md2 with his super form being the ACME rocket.
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    [Reusable] Virtual's MD2 Parade - Sonic 2006 travels to Srb2!

    Generations models? I think they need to be slightly decimated. Brawl models are sorta uglyish, save Shadow.
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    SC_Castle (Final v2.0)

    Le big bump, but uh, another missing texture: didn't see anymore because, well, I haven't played the other levels yet.