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    Super Mario

    Ive noticed that when ground pounding with a mega mushroom in netgames can cause lag and it mostly comes from the coins that drop from the sky after a ground pound. It causes a minor desynch but still very annoying when it happens every time you ground pound with a mega mushroom.
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    Lawyer Gestures

    How do you make spaces in cross examine
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    Crystal Sonic

    So I noticed that alt sonic's homing attack is shorter. Is that a bug or intentional for v8? All the other changes are widely accepted by me.
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    Saturn Dreams model pack

    I love this model but here are some things I think could be improved. He should have have moments where you can see him spinning (aka the model but in a spin motion), the shoes could be more red(they seemed kinda orange), and of course some bug fixes (tails walking animation, spinning tails for...
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    [Reusable] Sendcolor: Players pick their own skincolors! (v7)

    When I try to set my color to auto (I was using the setauto command) it says access denied to client/(file name here)