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    AiAi (KC_AiAi_v1)

    Heh, this addon reminds me of how Super Monkey Ball usually has a Monkey Race mode, with 3D's having the monkeys in karts. Sprites look great, though I'd agree that the eyes should not change color. Is a version where Aiai's in a ball rather than a kart in the cards, by any chance?
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    [Reusable] Donkey Kong

    Jeez, you must have some fast art skills to whip up something this good so fast. The first member of the DK Crew looks excellent with the rest of the cast.
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    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    Dude, this is so cool! This HUB is really great looking, with excellent presentation and a nice layout. This reminds me of a combination of Sonic Adventure's Adventure Fields, and Sonic Advance 3's overworlds. The hangout area is a perfect lobby for games and would be great for those who do RP...
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    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    I'm sure that once you finish up the Sonic Respriting, you'd definitely be the man for the job of making Emerl sprites. It's no wonder the devs accepted Chuckles' sprites for 2.1 Knuckles. Your sprites are just that good.
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    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    In other words, it's character ability roulette.
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    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    Aha! This is a really clever character idea, DOOD! I'm certain I'm not the only one who caught the BlazBlue reference at the end of his description. I'm gonna have a blast with this one!