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    Invalid Azure Temple last crystal puzzle timing too tight

    This subforum is only for reporting bugs with official builds of SRB2, so I would suggest reporting this bug to the creator of the uncapped build.
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    2.2 Crash Reports (SIGSEGVs, etc)

    Another collection of crash reports from standalone threads:
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    2.2 Crash Reports (SIGSEGVs, etc)

    Posting some crash reports from standalone threads here for organization purposes.
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    Confirmed Random SIGSEV

    In the future, please share crash reports in this thread:
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    Invalid How to fix the sigsegv-segment violation error (english version)

    In addition, when you do upload srb2win.RPT, please share it in the following thread:
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    Invalid Process Killed By Signal

    If you ever get around to uploading srb2win.RPT, please do so in this thread:
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    Fixed THZ1 scrolling wall

    Thanks for looking into this issue! I've applied the workaround for now, the underlying issue with the climbing code will have to be resolved another time.
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    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    If you think mapping is archaic and frustrating now, imagine creating maps for SRB2 10+ years ago. Zone Builder and SLADE are a blessing, compared to SRB2DB and XWE... Even then, I've never really experienced making levels, setting up 3D platforms and using linedef executors as being proverbial...
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    Zone Builder itself takes up around 30 MB.
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    Invalid It might be some wierd bug or glitch or somthing idk

    SRB Dream Emulator intentionally disables the crosshair, so this is not a bug with SRB2.
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    Invalid It might be some wierd bug or glitch or somthing idk

    Which add-ons do you mean by "some add-ons"?
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    Vessle Blast (Vehicles for 2.2)

    It's good to see you come back to SRB2 again! This mod already looks promising, and I'm looking forward to the various new Vessles. Well, considering the extensive list of what's coming, the v0.1 suffix on the file, and the rudimentary method of spawning the Vessles... :blink:
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    How to make Rope hangs?

    Make sure to have a unique Rope Hang Parameters linedef for each rope hang, and set the correct waypoint sequence number for each parameter linedef, which is set via the vertical (Y) texture offset:
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    ACZ1 texture issues

    I would advise against editing the map yourself. Not only will that make you unable to start the game, but those bugs are not actually the map's fault. Luckily, both issues will likely be fixed in 2.2.10.