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    I don't have alot of pokémon games however, I think the ones I have are pretty good My pokémon games: Pokémon Sword Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! Pokémon X Pokemon Crystal (I got stuck on the rival battle in the burned tower) I Kinda own FireRed, Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold however they're from my...
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    rip my switch

    wait no my switch is alive
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    rip my switch

    my switch doesn't turn on and no It hasn't ran out of charge
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    Sonic Mania

    Yeah That Is True...
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    Sonic Mania

    So Sonic Mania, Yeah It Is Amazing, Most Of The New Zones Make Sonic Mania Great. However I Don't Like The Reused Zones.
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    SRb2 is bein werd

    why is albert the thumbnail thats all i wanted to say
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    SRB2 in gamejolt

    But, you can just easily get the game from you don't need any other page.
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    Sonic Unleashed

    The night intros actually sound nice And yeah the E rank was a smart idea
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    best 3d games with 2d sprites?

    Super Paper Mario
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    Sonic Unleashed

    How is this post popular?
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    How did Knuckles knock the emeralds out of Sonic?

    his punch was powerful enough to make sonic lose his rings
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    Sonic Unleashed

    Yeah its god like, however i got stuck at Savanna Citade
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    Sonia The Hedgehog.wad (Concept) [In Progress]

    looks like a 1.09.4 character looks nice