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    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    I can't wait to play this! I've never played the 1.09.4 version before.
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    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I just found that out playing SRB1.
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    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    Woah! This thing is cool. But for bots, I tried them out on Mystic Realm and in one of the homing attack gaps, all of the bots fell except Cream and Tails. So could you make a bot-back feature? Like, Kirby Super Star. If you go too far without your partner, they instantly teleport back to you...
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    Minecraft is a part-free-part for buying It is an indie sandbox game :3 You should REALLY try it :D
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    I think my Wii's broken.

    Ok.I was playing Smg2 on the perfect run then a little blackout happened and now my wii won't run. I got the idea of not using it for a few hours
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    The Blue Screen of Death...

    has anyone ever GOT IT? It happen's when I login sometimes and when I want to run SRB2 in OpenGL,It randomly BSOD's. Nothing I mean NOTHING happens in Software. Can someone tell me how to get rid of it? Should I try recovery?
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    [Reusable] FloatOrb (SOC and example WAD)

    Nice, I might try it, but on an unrelated note, If you messed a little with it, Could it become a Pull star-ish thing?
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    How could I lower my ping.

    Oh my god. Oh my gosh. I found this website by random and look what I found I seriously need to lower my ping. I really need some help -NOTE- Using Clearwire
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    Master Server Website wrecked

    The website is now just a wreck. It's all just plain coding. Very Plain coding.
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    XWE Bug.

    I need to see Sonic.plr, but XWE says "Index out of bounds (3)" or something like that EDIT:Never mind
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    Alpha Yet-Very-Not-Complete Mr.Saturn Wad

    Boing! Zoom! Yes. I know the 2nd Sprite is very Sucky. The 1st Sprite needs a little tweak with the nose.
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    The Mother/Earthbound Series?

    Does anyone like it? I liked all games so far. that Even my new name on netgames is Ninten (yay) I love the music in Earthbound. Mother 3's music was cool too but Mother 3's best :/ I'm stuck on the Bass guy
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    Invalid Linedef Type 606 can light up the whole map.

    I'm a beginner at mapping. Finally I learned how to tag sectors (It wasn't easy.) but however... Yeah. IT FILLED UP THE WHOLE MAP. At least I know how to make water now :P EDIT:Oh and it isn't water.
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    How to make Teleporters?

    Well, I'm making a stage that has a teleporter I already made the floor. Can Somebody help me?
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    [Reusable] Metal Knux

    Ow.My eyes hurting :X I can't stand the color. In bright places My eyes hurt but Knuckles was enough for both.