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    Skid and Pump (The Spookeez)

    It's Spooky Month!
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    What do you think about the possibility of the new Sonic game being an open world?

    I think It would be more like in playthrough to Sonic GT and on graphics like Sonic Omens
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    are there any french users in srb2 message board?

    I'm from UK but I know to talk French :threat:
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    Fictional characters you'd never want to exist in real life.

    I would not want that tom and Jerry exsist in real life, because they would cause problems on our world, it would be a total caos!
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    Sonic Central Direct

    The Event was amazing! I can't wait for play sonic colours ultimate!
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    Sonic Central Direct

    Tomorrow is the oficial Sonic Direct that would announce many new things of our favourite hedeghog! I'm so exited about this event I can't wait for it! Fun Fact: The name of the direct is the same name of the YouTube channel Sonic Central!
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    [Character] ArcadeNpack V1.4: I O U A SRB2K Pack

    Internet Explorer make me laugh and Jerry gave me nostargia. One of my favourite mods!:mrgreen:
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    What's your favorite YouTube channel?

    Mickey Mouse Gaming and Aurk
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    2.2 Crash Reports (SIGSEGVs, etc)

    In version 2.2.9 object place now when you put off the funtion when you are inside a wall it crashes
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    Sonic voice actors are not more their voices

    Good News Roger is back as sonic voice!:wonderful:
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    BoyFriend For SRB2 (Cancelled)

    I cant wait to play with him on srb2!
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    Bean the Dynamite

    With Bean everything is easier and explosive on SRB2!
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    SRB2 v2.2.9 Patch Release

    Finally the update I was waiting if here!
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    NotMe's Character Pack [Added The Knight and Issac]

    Amazing this Mod is like newgrounds kart!
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    Is it possible to make a port of the srb2 kart for android?

    I think that netgames you need a very powerful Wi-Fi, but srb2 kart for Android is a very good idea