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    Sonic Kart VR Mod

    Did you happen to enable the VR mode in the menu? It doesn't seem to be on by default.
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    Sonic Kart VR Mod

    Dang, that was quick. Thanks for the update! I'll probably wait for the next version to be released, I don't really have a build environment set up right now. :)
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    Sonic Kart VR Mod

    This. Is. Friggin. Awesome. It's kind of amazing how well this works. I do have one request tho, if there's a way to disable the intro cutscene between matches, that'd be really great. I don't have any motion sickness troubles with most of the game, but spinning the camera around the character...
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    [Reusable] SRB2NetPlus 2.2.4-v4: Play without control lag!

    Any chance of a build that works with SRB2Kart? :)
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    Master Server will not list two games from the same IP address

    Yooooo, I'm trying to host two servers: 1: Vanilla SRB2 server on port 5029 2: SRB2Kart server on port 5030 Both of my servers are confirmed to be working just fine, but the master server will not list both. Fix pls.
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    SRB2 Top Down

    holy shit, this is dope. fuck the bosses tho they make me throw my keyboard across the room
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    Guys I'm making SRB4
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    SRB2 The Past 1.08.c

    I didn't play the whole thing, but I'd recommend double-checking that you have the right lumps in the right places. For example, I shouldn't need the music wad and multiplayer wad in order to get all of the sprites to show up in the museum. In the case of this particular pack, you might want...
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    SRB2 Dreamcast boxart.

    I'm honestly surprised I still have this.
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    I MAAAED.. A GAAEM.. WITH dragons in it

    So! It's been a while! Just thought I'd pop in to let you guys know where I've been for the past <insert lengthy amount of time here>. Basically, I've been busy with life. I've been hanging with my girlfriend, working at school, hanging with friends, working at school, hating life, and working...
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    Hey, check out this cool game! I wonder who could have made it? They should give this guy a medal.
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    Botanic Serenity Zone High End

    Ever wonder what BSZ looks like in high end mode in openGL at a full framerate, then crappily converted to youtube quality? Well here ya go!
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    This topic was part of the April Fools 2008 joke on the SRB2 forums. Read at your own risk ^_~ SUPER PONY PRINCESS SHUFFLE TRANSFOOOOOORM~~~~ ^___________________________________________^ PONY ADMINS/MODS, TRANSFORM WITH ME SO WE MAY SPREAD LOVE AROUND THE WORLD ^_^ <3
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    ShufflarB2 (Bigass mod), Final Version (56k die)

    Whoo! I've been working oh this thing for so god damn long, but I've finally got a release candidate. For anybody that doesn't know, ShufflarB2 is basically my "SRB2JTE". It includes a bunch of cool new features and levels. New Objects: Flamethrower Wall - Like the flamethrowers seen in Lava...
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    Final TML release (56k, f yerself)

    Fixed it up for FF, so I guess you can have it. I don't support it or give a crap about it, don't blame me if netplay or whatever else doesn't work. Oh, by the way. Softwareisunsupportedkthxbye. If you REALLY want to use it, use -software. Too lazy...