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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    It's been ages since I last checked here and I want to say I adore the project so far!! You guys are doing amazingly, both with sprites and code. I'm excited to play this when it's ready! The animations especially are looking gorgeous. I love how bouncy the running looks, It's really evocative...
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    [Reusable] [v5.1] Community Asset Pack

    Amazing resource, not only with great original textures and assets but also replacers that look so much better than their original counterparts! There's two things that do bother me though. First, in Telos' ERZ/Special Stage texture replacement pack, there's a large amount of textures that...
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    how to change the bottom text of character select screen?

    Oh? That's a font the game uses, and Pointy also uses it for his trick counter! The font's in two separate sets of sprites, an outline and the letters themselves. The font files in srb2.pk3 you'll wanna reference are in Graphics > Fonts, and then for the outline the folder "NTFNO" and the...
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    Pointy Sonic Drift Problem.

    Yeah, Pointy's standalone Kart release is currently busted and not supported. Chrispy Chars Kart is what you want to be downloading, as it has Pointy updated with secondcolor support.
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    Fictional characters you'd never want to exist in real life.

    I can't help but also think of the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation reading this. In a way they're slightly more terrifying in the fact it's implied you're fully conscious as you're controlled, and even if you're saved in some form you're stuck with parts so integrated, they'll never be...
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    Debate: Should base SRB2 have Discord RPC support?

    I think it'd be a cute addition, especially if it were like Kart being able to show a preview of you character and stage! It'd also be kinda neat if it showed small details like score and lives and the like... but that's just me liking the overly specific stuff. I have a RPC mod for Fallout New...
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Pet Peeves

    I don't have too many nitpicks all things considered, but the ones I do got would be... - No alternate game modes with addons loaded. I know the current workaround is to use a .soc, but... that extra step does get pretty annoying especially when you just want to try, say, Marathon Mode with a...
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    Why do you think so many Brazilians are apart of the SRB2 Community?

    Not gonna lie, I always wanted to learn Portuguese and Spanish purely for the sake that way, way too many game servers- not just SRB2, but games like TF2 and whatnot- have players that speak these two languages, so I understand why this thread is a thing. I just wanna join in more! But yeah...
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    I like both NGE and Gundam- they both hit serious themes, one about personal trauma and the other about the burden of war. I think it's worth watching both, I find it fun to find comparisons and hey, if you know both getting into crossover series will be easier, haha! Granted... I only read Wing...
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    imp to png

    You can also do the reverse by importing your graphic into the .wad, and clicking "Convert to..." instead, following the prompts from there. There's guides on the SRB2 Wiki for working with graphics in other ways too! And just because I think of Doom imps when I hear that typo, I'm gonna call...
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    What do you think of the games of the franchise not starring with sonic do you think they should return

    Sonic may be an easier brand to market in SEGA's eyes... but I disagree. He has the same instantly recognizable energy of Mario in that one can look at most Sonic side characters and without actually knowing Sonic well, can safely guess "yeah, this is a Sonic game." I would love to see more side...
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    Anime Discussion Thread

    It's been a while since I've seen much anime, but I've been rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion and man... a lot of it's themes really hit me. No wonder so many people consider it a masterpiece- and thankfully, I haven't spoiled myself hard on it. I'm on episode 10 if that matters. I think it'll...
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    I open debate: Srb2 doesn't really feel like sonic

    Hey, 8-Bit Sonic could get by without the loops! While the later 8-Bit games had loops, they felt a bit odd to go through due to the engine differences, kinda like the situation here with SRB2. But it still all felt like a distinctly Sonic experience. And both SRB2 and the 8-Bit games have a key...
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    [Reusable] MiniRanking Plus (HUD edit)

    One of my fave mods, it makes the HUD more intuitive and the little touches like icons fading out when players use Hyudoro are great! But, on a related note to the above, since Hornmod CE has had a rewrite, the mini horns on this HUD are now missing. It shouldn't be too hard a fix!
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    Mega Man X, which is your favorite?

    X1 takes the fave spot for me... for now. It's level design, bosses and music all are top notch, and the plot resonates with me~ I haven't played all of the series by far, but I also adored X3 especially music wise, but X2 wasn't as good- sad as I like the additional lore they give Zero, and...