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    Sonic R model for SRB2

    You Dont Get It, We Want You To Scream
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    Sonic R model for SRB2

    Jeck's low poly models
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    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.3a]

    Is The Mod Going To Be Updated For 2.2.10 To Fix The Saving?
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    which sonic game needs a remake or a port

    Sonic Adventures Revisited Trilogy, including Sa1, Sa2 and heroes, i know heroes isnt an adventure game, but i realy dont care, and this needs to be a trilogy soo. I would also like to see a remake of tails adventure from the game gear, that would be interesting to say the least a riders...
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    So i need help, making a klonoa mod

    basically, i dont know what im doing. first off, what is the recommended way to sprite in the srb2 style, drawing tablet, mouse or other. also what is the recommended size for a klonoa srb2 sprite. and how would i code a yoshi flutter jump esce double jump, and how do i code in grabbing and...
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    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    Soo, im here to ask, your making an model for this mod, i think you should base it of the dc sa1 sonic model but with the hot dog shoes of sadx.
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    i can easily say that, i myself, would like to see a jeck jims 3d model of this, this mod should deserves an original model by jeck jims, with the hot dog shoes on it instead of using the neo and modern sonic models
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    Alot of time the reason i posted the LAL lyrics is because the picture itself is a reference to live and learn as well as the final boss as a whole
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    Can you feel life movin' through your mind, Ooh, looks like it came back for more! Yeah yeah yeah! Can you feel time slippin' down your spine, Ooooooh, You try and try to ignore! Yeah! But you can hardly swallow, Your fears and pain. When you can't help but follow, It puts you right...
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

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    So i think i just made the coolest srb2 screenshot ever.

    so i was using the adventure sonic mod and i just decided randomly to make a screenshot of super sonic, so i had to make this one special, you can probably see why im so impressed with the results
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    Klonoa For Srb2 2.2

    I have now Made The Verry Base Of The Mod
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    Klonoa For Srb2 2.2

    So Im Making An Srb2 Klonoa Mod, I Dont Know Lua, Srb2 Spriting or anything else, i can however, do the basics of srb2 character creation, For My Klonoa Mod, im going to make klonoa sprites in the srb2 style using his klonoa 2 design, inflated sprites of enemies, a moveset identical to somthing...