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  • Rem reacted to Terra's post in the thread Bean the Dynamite with Cool! Cool!.
    Terra submitted a new resource: Bean the Dynamite - What the heck kind of species is a dynamite anyway? Read more about this resource...
  • Rem reacted to light dasher's resource Tangle the Lemur with Cool! Cool!.
    Tangle the Lemur! Well well well, here we are, finally, after all this time, did you know this was the first mod I started working on...
  • Rem replied to the thread Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop.
    Rem updated Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop with a new update entry: 1.1 Quickfix Read the rest of this update entry...
  • Rem updated the resource Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop with 1.1 Quickfix.
    Reduced filesize by 5MB. Accidentally left a full 3 minute song that was cut in it (Inferno Cop Theme), oops.
  • Rem posted the thread Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop in Characters.
    Rem submitted a new resource: Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop - Two playable skellies Read more about this resource...
  • Rem created the resource Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop in Characters.
    Two legendary heroes in one pack! Coming straight out of hell and featuring a whopping single digit number of sprites per character...
    • Buddies.png
    • InfernoCop.gif
    • MechaCop.gif
    • OverJustice.gif
    • Chain Gun.gif
    • Compression.gif
    • Gun.gif
    • Self Destruct.gif
    • Intro.png
    • Outro.png
    • Teaser.png
  • Rem created the resource [Reusable] Underwater Map Music in Lua.
    This is a simple Lua script that allows you to add underwater music tracks for your levels. Usage Add the script to your wad/pk3...
    • WaterPeek.png
  • A couple of reusable animated effects for your custom colors. Comes with a normal single version of the scripts, intended for just one...
    • wave.gif
    • loop.gif
  • Sash Lilac joins the adventure! Traits Abilities Credits Original Sprites, Sounds, Character - GalaxyTrail Character Selection...
    • srb20298.png
    • petal.gif
    • gem.gif
    • gas.gif
    • card.gif
    • SWIME0.png
    • RATKC0.png
    • DEADE0.png
    • CNT1J0.png
    • BOOSC0.png
    • melee1.1.gif
    • boost1.1.gif
    • newscale4mb.png
    • srb20300.png
    • cyclone.gif
    • CYCLA0.png