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    Sprite sheet

    It's a block of SOC "code" that places a specified character in the character selection screen. Optionally lets you change the name that's shown and the text that accompanies it. Also, You can click that set of words. See the slight blue hue? That generally means "this text is an hyperlink"...
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    Run the dedicated server then minimize the console? Unless by background you mean no window at all, then... On Windows 10, you could use the multiple desktops feature. Open a new desktop, open the dedicated server in there, then switch back to the previous desktop.
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    I need help in srb2

    I would heavily recommend you to use a computer to develop mods for SRB2, as SLADE (a tool for Doom modding) is only available for desktop OSes. Making mods in Android can and will get annoying due to the lack of dedicated tools for it. If you still want to go through for some reason, well...
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    Never played before what's the best course of action

    Play in time attack to get a hold of the controls and to pick the character that plays best for you.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Yo! I'm Rapidgame7. Some of you might know me as ampersand or even amperbee. Been around SRB2 around... probably the final moments of 1.09.4, and joined the community proper when 2.1 released, along with Lua modding capabilities. It REALLY influenced my interest in programming! About that, I...
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    can someone help me with the srb2.pk3 file?

    Have you tried looking for the error you get to see if there are any solutions? This is not an issue with SRB2 or the SRB2 website - It's an issue with your network.
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    can someone help me with the srb2.pk3 file?

    That seems more like malformed school DNS settings rather than the website being blocked. You can download the game from here:
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    can someone help me with the srb2.pk3 file?

    If a school network prevents the access to websites, clearing the cache will not help. By the way, this message board is in the same domain as the game download page - Your school blocking just one subpage on the entire SRB2 domain is very weird. What exactly do you see on your screen that...
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    Is it possible to create mods in srb2 using the cell phone? if yes how?

    What? Lua scripts are just text files interpreted by a software. All you need is a text editor. That's it. Now you can make Lua scripts. Making mods with a phone is not impossible. Just annoying without the right tools.
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    Is it possible to create mods in srb2 using the cell phone? if yes how?

    Technically yes. The go-to multitool for this, SLADE, is available on Windows and Linux, but nothing of that kind is available for Android/iOS. However, since 2.2 you are able to load PK3 files into SRB2. PK3 files are basically zip files but using a special format (that only SLADE can create...
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    super bad beta (plz help)

    Read what you replace, lol. There are two instances of SKINCOLOR_true. As you know, SKINCOLOR_true is not a valid color
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    Could there be a srb2 cel shaded mod ?

    Yeah, there could. I'm not entirely sure if 3D models support cel shading myself, and I know that sprites simply don't, but you can probably use sprite/model trickery to make it look like there is. Wish you luck making it!
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    There are some ways. If your brother is in your network, The server should be in the server browser. Check again! If not, open the console and enter connect any. This will make the game look at your local network and connect to the first local game available. If not, try connecting to the...
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    Custom Music?

    Create a new mod and add songs to it. Make sure the name of the songs match the songs you want to replace.
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    Where can I find the kartmaker template for asymmetrical mods?

    Not quite? For example, in the default template, there is only one series of "drifting" sprites. Kartmaker will take this series as-is for one direction, and horizontally mirror it for the other direction. In an asymmetrical template, both series will be available for editing individually. If...