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    [Reusable] SRB1 Remake

    Sure thing! I'm actually impressed that you came here to check this out, it's like an honor to see you comment on this, I got to be honest tho, there were people that did almost all of the job. 😅 But at least I was able to redo the enemies SOC using the Wayback Machine since the wiki removed it...
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    Pyrkagia The Hedgehog

    This is looking amazing! I like the idea of him being invicible to fire but extremely weak in water, it makes him more chalenging in water levels. :threat:
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    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

    Oh, that's an really old description. I'm actually suprised you read that and asked since most people don't read the CSS description. [/SPOILER] Don't worry, the shoes will be reworked. 😅
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    Pierre the Peacock

    Oh wow.This is amazing! Can't wait to try this mod. ^^
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    [Reusable] Rafael goes to SRB2 Kart | Also Pedro is ready to get karted 2021-03-04

    He's in karts now, that's it :v They're ready to race with their own custom voices and cool sprites! Believe me, you don't wanna see Legacy Rafael here. Like usual , their sprites we're made on Paint. Hope you like it!
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    [Reusable] Legacy Rafael (Rafael V2.6) 2.6

    [/SPOILER] You probably came here just because you knew they paired up or something didn't you? (or maybe you just wanted to know his past or something :V) All the sprites were made on Paint, hope you like it! :)
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    [Reusable] Legacy Pedro (Pedro V1.1) 1.1

    He has a remake soo you don't need to really download this as it is just a change of name Sprites of him also were made on Paint! Hope you like it!
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    [Reusable] Pedro (REMAKE!) 2

    Pedro took some time but now he's back too! I couldn't think of another main ability that he could have soo i gave him an extra ability Charge Jump Charge Jump makes you perform a overpowered jump, the more you spin, more the jump will be higher. One of the advantages is that you can fly...
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    [Reusable] Rouge The Bat (Legacy) [v3] 3

    Rouge The Bat is back for SRB2 once again! And that's not it, she also has extras and a secret bonus! She plays like in the old-school SRB2 with some additional sprites for an animation she didn't have before. Also when another character add-on is added, you unlock the option to use Rouge's...
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    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update 4.4

    Rafael's back! Bringing a new set of sprites! He can look like it didn't change nothing, but he got extra sprites now! Hug He can hug! With Tatsuru's Everyone Hugs lua script, he's ready to give hugs to whoever the person is! Skid He also has an skid sprite that isn't that much used...
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    [Reusable] SRB1 Remake 1.2

    SRB1 Remake from past versions is now available for 2.2! Since v2.2 removed the SRB1 Remake Extra, I decided to port it soo that people could enjoy playing it while having nostalgia. This level pack was originally made by Torgo. If you wish to play with the pack with custom characters, you...
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    [Reusable] Vbilities (Vabilities?) What? - v2.1

    This mod is epic! B^D
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    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

    V4.4. : - Added the homing attack from DrTrystan's RafaPatch. - Added commands. - Fixed some offsets. - Emotes were fixed thanks to Frostikiin. - Super sprites were updated. - Chill has now a super theme. - Kazotsky Kick Dance fixed.
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    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

    I appreciate that you at least gave a review here, I'm making the new sprites right now and the abilities are on the works, it might take a while. Now when you mentioned about him being cartoony, I'm really sorry but it is purely intencional. He is actually a cartoony human despise it not being...
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    [Reusable] SRB1 Remake

    V1.2: - Converted to PK3. - Fixed a bunch of console warnings.. - Fixed the crawla not giving a flicky when defeated. - Now the game saves progress every time you get to a new zone. - Remastered Music made by Micro Thanks for Micro and ffoxD for making most of this update! Yeah, I assume that...