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    What art style do you prefer for human Sonic characters?

    Honestly, I have no problem with '06's realistic human characters, as long as they're actually animated like humans and not whatever '06 was trying to do. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I actually really like '06 Eggman's design. The Pixar-esque humans in Sonic Unleashed were neat...
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    Sonic Colors Remastered

    I am completely aware of this, but I personally don't want to shell out for a game I already own since I have the hardware to play the original I got for $10 on Ebay at higher resolution and framerates. All I'm saying is that they're gonna have to give players like me a good reason to want to...
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    Sonic Colors Remastered

    As much as I could wish for a rewrite or redub of the script, it'll most likely be a port. That's not bad or anything, but I just hope to god they won't charge full-price for it unless there's a good reason to. If I wanted "definitive" Sonic Colors, I can just boot up Dolphin and upscale to...
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    [Reusable] Alternate Player Names

    In this .zip file you will get four mods, which change the player names based on the name of the wad file, for example, Fang becomes Nack, Tails becomes Miles, etc.
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    [Reusable] Red Glaregoyle Fire

    This is a very simple mod that replaces the Glaregoyle's flames with the original red fireballs. Sometime in 2.1's development, they changed the graphic from red to green.
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    Spyro the Hedgehog [discontinued]

    My first character mod. I've been working on this for a while, and i'm pretty proud of it. It's still not 100% complete, and there are many known bugs, but I think I've gotten it to a pretty playable state. I present to you... Spyro The.. uhh.. Hedgehog? Yep, it's a Sonic recolor. Not because...
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    [Reusable] Cut Multiplayer Stages (Cut levels from 2.1)

    Here it is, my first public WAD and a WAD literally nobody asked for. I was scrolling along the wiki when I found out that a bunch of 2.1 multiplayer maps were cut. Now, by no means are these maps actually good, but I figured why not. I had a lot of memories with these zones, and I can't let...
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    Protoflower Zone

    This is a level that I worked on in my spare time. It's a remake of SRB2 TGF's Greenflower Zone Act 1. I know it's kinda small, so if I ever update this then I will also remake Act 2. It is possible with all 6 characters, confirmed.
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    Meadow Match but with 2.2 textures

    This mod updates Meadow Match Zone to use the newer textures instead of those old Final Demo textures. It's really just for those who prefer a modernized look for the level, instead of the nostalgic look it aims for.
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    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    I mean, isn't 2.1 Pointy marked as reusable? In that regard there was nothing stopping someone from releasing a Pointy port in releases. Other than that, congrats on releasing, I've been waiting for this!
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    Next-gen console discussion thread

    So, the next generation of video game consoles is already upon us with the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on the new systems and how they compare to the last generation's consoles. I myself won't be buying one, since I'm going to be building a new...
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    Anteggtica Zone (Single-Player)

    This is actually the first map I've ever released that's my own work. I took inspiration from how Kwiin and Dave make their levels, with all the ceiling decor. It's far from how I want to make it look like later (rings, enemies, etc.), but I think I've done enough work towards it to submit it to...
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    What do you plan on making for the OLDC?

    Since there's going to be another OLDC, I've been wondering what y'all plan on making for it. I think there are gonna be some pretty awesome submissions this year considering how many new faces showed up for v2.2! Personally, I plan on making an ice level, with tricky ice platforming and frozen...
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    [Reusable] Egg Reverie Super Sonic/Free-Flying Super Sonic [V2.1]

    Oh yeah, I should mention: you can swap the 1 from SUPERSILVER1 to 2-5 to change the intensity of the colors. I recommend a lower number or it'll look garbage.
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    [Reusable] Egg Reverie Super Sonic/Free-Flying Super Sonic [V2.1]

    For the record, you don't need to use a custom skincolor. The existing Hyper Sonic color can be recreated using this simple line of code. Of course it will need to be run every tic while Super. = (SKINCOLOR_SUPERSILVER1 + 5 * ((leveltime / 2) % 7))