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    I vote...

    knot hill zone
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    Nintendo switch friend codes

    I wanna make more friends so I made this post mine is SW-1201-0477-0923
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    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.4; 2.2.9 hotfixes]

    wait but there's no download link
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    [Reusable] WTFSonic

    look guy there is two normal sonics
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    Sonic GT

    I have heard Sonic gt is the best 3d sonic fan game and I found that in all of sonic's stages sonic appers to be four triangles and sometime when I restart it's a MESS of polygons
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    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.4; 2.2.9 hotfixes]

    for some reason when I do the console command add file samus pk3 it says wrong wad header how to fix?
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    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.4; 2.2.9 hotfixes]

    ok but i'm SOOO EXSIDED (I probably spelled that wrong) because I couldn't play the original and it looked so cool (i'm starting to get fan boyesh)
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    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.4; 2.2.9 hotfixes]

    soo I know your going to do this soon I looked at the shinnig archive and saw a wip samus mod for 2.2 when
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    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

    good job you found a model for your oc! (honestly I feel like i'm talking in a mean way or something)
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    [Reusable] Hexagonal Titlecards

    this gives me like tech vibes if that makes sense
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    [Reusable] Cman Emotes For Movie Night

    if you know how to change the color then well not to be mean or anything but can you change the color to white
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    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    yeah same I think you should like give him an ability based off his character design
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    [Reusable] [v1.2] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    wait but azura is doesn't work with 2.2 how did you make it work?