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    Sebo2205's custom HUD thing

    Did you accidentally upload a PNG as the download file?
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    doubt about game functions

    Currently the only way to unload addons is to quit and reopen the game.
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    A thread about my opinions on SRB2 "mod beggars"

    Yeah, please keep personal arguments in DMs. We don't need to know about this.
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    What's your favorite SRB2MB style?

    My favourite is probably Master Plan. I find the steel blue easier to look at than Blue Streak's blue. While we're talking about themes, I think a sepia-ish light mode theme would be nice to use. Sepia is always an easy way to make a light theme easy to look at.
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    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

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    [Reusable] Cuter Audience Members v1

    Replaces the chao sprites with some fox sprites I drew a while ago. Not much to it.
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    [Reusable] PVPalette [PVPAL-v3.3.pk3] v3.2

    Some time before 2.2 released I made a quick 2.2 palette mod, in hopes of it being the first 2.2 mod in Releases. When 2.2 released and submissions was closed for a week I realised this wasn't gonna happen, so I took my time to edit the palette and make it perfect. And now I bring that palette...
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    PVHUD [V_PVHUD-v2.0.pk3] v2

    back at it again with the mods that don't mark the game as modified *backflips into submissions* This time I've got a HUD mod to share with you. The main reason I made it is because I think the Sonic 2 HUD is boring and could be more vibrant. This mod currently changes: *The Score-Time-Rings...
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    [Reusable] LGBT+ Player Colours v2.1 v2.1

    SRB2, but make it gayer. If you have any suggestions for a flag or want me to edit a colour please don't hesitate to ask.
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    [Circuit] Lemon Circuit Zone for v2.2 v2

    So, I decided to port Lemon Circuit Zone to 2.2. That's all. I also made use of some new objects that 2.2 has, and made some other tiny changes. It shows up in the "Circuit" section of the race gametype when selecting a level, have fun.
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    Cold Zone (VS_cold-v1.pk3) v1

    tfw you finish your uldc level 2 weeks after when the deadline would have been Welcome to Cold Zone. It's snowy. There are slopes. And badniks. There aren't any emblems yet. Music: Egg Garden Zone Act 1 by Mr. Stardust
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    [Reusable] PVPalette [PVPAL-v3.3.pk3]

    Updated to 3.3. This is the final update to the mod; feel free to edit it as you wish and/or use it in your own mods as long as credit is given.
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    Autumn 2020 CIrcuit Votes

    #1. Caldron Cavern Zone Very decent map. Hazards pose a challenge while still keeping up the fast paced gameplay. I also like the verticality. Texturing is a little disjointed though. 6/10 #2. Electric Avenue Zone Very polished map, with great textures and music. The layout is quite flat...
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    Autumn 2020 Circuit Votes

    #1. Caldron Cavern Zone Very decent circuit map. I like the layout of hazards, challenging while quick to navigate. The verticality is also nice. Texturing is a little all over the place though. 7/10. #2. Electric Avenue This map is very polished, with great textures and music. However, the...
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    [Reusable] Fang Popgun Modifications

    This odd glitch occurs when playing in Strafe mode. It also occurs with the Intangible Camera mod loaded and activated.