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    What do you hate most about the game?

    My various gripes with this fangame I love, in no particular order: Circuit being removed was a fucking mistake. I'm being entirely unironic about this. PVP gametypes are a novel concept but SRB2's physics aren't designed for them, and circuit accomplishes the competitiveness much better. Math...
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    What's your favourite multiplayer gametype?

    Circuit is also my favourite gametype. I've made a few maps for it which are hosted on, and I'd like to make more once UDMF implementation is finished up.
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    Custom character is missing rotations, but they exist!

    S_START and S_END markers are unnecessary for PK3 files. Ensure that the S_SKIN lump is above all the player sprites in the lump list, as this is what the engine uses to determine where player sprite lumps begin.
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    Won't Fix Weird 1st-person Camera movement

    This happens because the Software renderer can't render any perspective other than straight ahead, so it renders a very tall viewport and shows you a portion of it. Turning the camera up or down moves the shown area up or down; it's still rendering straight ahead but only showing you the top or...
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    Again - Version 1.1

    Recalculated the translucency mapping, based around Again's palette instead of the vanilla palette. This will make colour blending look slightly nicer in the Software renderer. OpenGL is unaffected, and actually was never affected by the translucency mapping since it calculates colour blending...
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    [Reusable] Again

    PencilVoid updated Again with a new update entry: Version 1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    What do YOU think about the new SRB2 Direct #5 ?

    Excited to see the new content my fellow members of the community have put their love and effort into. Flare the Tyrannosaur looks great.
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    2.3 Discussion

    That doesn't prove him wrong. sloperollangle operates without adding any new sprites, meaning the player character has no visible rotation when viewed from certain angles which is incogruent with the angle of the floor. That's the exact problem which Glaber was describing, and it would only be...
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    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Here we go. If any mappers want more feedback or clarification of feedback I've written here please don't hesitate to ask.
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    OLDC-2022-R1 Votes

    SPIRAL HILL PIZZA Very creative concept, the adrenaline rush the pacing and music gives you is nice The green arrows can be hard to see from a distance - would be easier to see if they were bigger and more like a beacon CHAOS COVE ZONE Very nostalgic theming, nice and simple Shards can be...
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    [Reusable] LGBT+ Player Colours

    PencilVoid updated LGBT+ Player Colours v2.1 with a new update entry: Version 2.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [Reusable] LGBT+ Player Colours - Version 2.2

    Added AroAce color by request from Pikden.
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    Alternatives to Zone Builder?

    It's because Zone Builder is specialised for SRB2 and has more SRB2-specific dialogue so you don't have to look at the wiki as often. Additionally, Zone Builder's visual mode is more accurate to how the level would look in SRB2 since it can more properly account for slopes and such.
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    2.3 Discussion

    This document answers none of the concerns presented. While I described the thok's simplicity as a positive, increasing its flexibility and allowing players to pull off stylish stunts with creativity, the writer frames the simplicity as a negative, simply stating that the thok is unrewarding...
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    is there any way of getting rid of the feeling that the opengl camera is to far back

    You can try reducing the field of view using the fov command or reducing the camera distance using the cam_dist command. The defaults for these are 90 and 192 respectively. However, changing these will affect both renderers.