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    Max Control Pack

    ah, my bad. I wished the overview page was updated to reflect this change in case people get confused.
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    Max Control Pack

    Walldash was redone... right? Is this normal to happen?
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    Whisper the Wolf

    I must admit that Metal Sonic is very difficult to deal with Whisper, and it would be useful to have a target aim to make Laser more useful. I would also suggest making Spike deal damage againts bosses, so that it would be much more useful.
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    Dano's Models

    i really hope you'll add the BLJ/Yahoo copy ability as well for Kirby.
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    Cosmic Metal Sonic (or Cosmetal)

    i would like to know the command to change Cosmetal super color, because the gif is really small and i can't read it
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    [Reusable] Gan's Creatively-Named Model Pack

    yeah, only thing that are not working are the additional moves after the first jump
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    [Reusable] Gan's Creatively-Named Model Pack

    I really hope your Amy Model will be compatible with McAmy one day, since it's the one i'm using.
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    Max Control Pack

    am i late to the party to try this character? i hope not.
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    Sonic But Funni! (under renovation)

    i don't hate this character mostly because it's supposed to be a shitpost rather than being serious. eitherway, the sprites are kinda funny to me.
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    Rose Gold Amy

    ok, according to what I've tried, not only did you created a character that was able to be unique, but you also did it in a partially shitpost way (at least, that's what I see, as Pink Gold Peach is a meme character at this point). The gameplay is fun but not completely op, and the idea of...
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    Pierre the Peacock

    this fella reminds me of Mario from the New Super Mario Bros. Series because of the twirl ability. it's a solid character as well, so it's very good
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    Playable Amy Cameo (Version 1.0)

    Amy the lethal hugger
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    [Reusable] Gan's Creatively-Named Model Pack

    i frigging love this animation for Alt. Sonic used for the running! it gives me Heroes vibes
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    [Reusable] Nasya the Weightless - V2.0.1 - The Pants Update

    the Sketch you done of Nasia underwater while talking about the struggles on Deep Sea is really a mood, and also something i can heavily relate since i got that struggle as well
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    [Reusable] Nasya the Weightless - V2.0.1 - The Pants Update

    i know this doesn't fit here, but ffxiv had an update recently that is removing belts... i feel like Nasya wanted to change outfit asap the update got announced